Bidding for Miss. Liberia Beauty Pageant Announced


The steering committee of the Miss Liberia Beauty Pageant Monday, March 10, announced the opening of a new bidding process that begins today for the holding of the 2013/2014 event.

The committee, through spokesman, Smith Toby, indicated that none of the bidders during the previous process met the necessary requirements to organize and host the yearly national pageant.

The steering committee explained that following the announcement requesting companies to host Miss. Liberia and manage the franchise they received three letters of intent from interested companies with their respective bid documents.

According to the committee, the franchise bidding process was opened to the public from September 10th to October 31 2013, but as a result of the limited number of applicants the process was extended by a month. The aim of this was to create more awareness on the process and develop public interest.

The committee revealed that three companies’ bids fell short of the requirements set by the steering committee to obtain qualification for the franchise to host the 2013-2014 pageant.

The committee named MAD MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT, SHIRLEY BUSINESS PLUS, and LETIA ASSAF BATES/COSMETOLOGY BEAUTY/ FASHION ACADEMY as the previous applicants that failed to meet their requirements.

Mr. Toby stated that none of the organizations mentioned above has the capacity or experience to host the Miss Liberia pageant. All of them also lack licenses from the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

Meanwhile, the bid documents for the new bidding process are now available at the Ministry of Gender and Development for interested applicants and companies who are encouraged to carefully read their documents before applying.

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