A ‘Saturday’ kanna Song


Just when Saturdays got good, well they just got better!

A hot new single from Co.Z’s unreleased Album “State of the Union” has just hit Liberia with a blast.

“Saturday”, a track in which Co.Z spills his sentimental side, is a track that evokes a relaxing mood between two lovers on a cool Saturday.

Featuring on the track is Liberia’s first lady Sweetz, who adds her unique voice giving the song a meaning.

Why would one dedicate a song to one of the days of the week, one might be pondering?

“There’s no Saturday song out there right now. Not just in LIB, but world wide,” stated Liberty Entertainment’s prodigy Co.Z


Though the track describes a typical Saturday for the rapper, the track comes off like a love jam that Co.Z might be singing to his jue.

“It was just what I was feeling, it wasn't really meant to be a love song, it just came out like that a little bit,” he added.

Hopefully we’ll get more days out of the week from Co.Z.  


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