Encounter with a Genie


Konah, a sixteen year old boy did not listen to his poor mother, Madam Kaymah, each time she told him, “My son, let us go on the farm.”

Konah would always tell his mother, “Mama it is too early to go on the farm. You may go ahead mother, when the sun rises, I will come to you later.”

Instead of paying heed to his poor mother’s advice, Konah would always remain behind each time his mother and the rest of the children were about to go to the farm. Even when his father, Mr. Kolleh encouraged him to go along, he would not heed his call.

Konah’s obstinacy soon reached a point where no one ever bothered him to go to the farm. Not even his mother or older folks in the town who often would advise younger ones to obey their parents would pay attention to him.

All they probably thought was that Konah was a man of his own and who would not listen to any advice.

Konah continued this way until one day; he soon experienced the harsh reality of how it normally did not pay for children not to listen to their parents!

Not knowing the reason why Konah had always refused to go along with his parents, it apparently had something to do with the presence of a certain genie from the mountains who usually sat at the middle of the pathway leading to the farm.

Konah’s father Kolleh did not have any idea of the genie’s presence and as a result never consulted Old man Nanmo, now hairy with age, who was by then the only one who knew about the legacy of the town since the latter’s great grand father was the founder of the town.

So when Mr. Kolleh completed his farm, Old Man Nanmo gave him the go ahead to harvest the crops on the farm before his efforts went in vain; but the old man kept this strange revelation secret. This particular genie was also noted for feeding on human beings. The genie would be at the middle of the path waiting for anyone traveling that route to devour.

Konah one fateful day decided to journey to the farm when he encountered the genie.

The carnivorous genie said to him, “Where are you coming from and where are you going?”

Konah braced his courage and answered, “I am coming from town and going on the farm to my parents.”

The genie retorted, “Yes, indeed you are going on the farm to your parent, my dear child; but unfortunately for you sing a nice song that may amuse my listening ears!”

The genie’s ears looked more like fanners. He was rather ugly and had a funny appearance. And besides being ugly, there was something quite peculiar about the genie that Konah felt disgusted.

With that instruction Konah started to cry, as he raised the song, “My mother told me let’s go to the farm; but I told her, mother go ahead and when the sun rises, I will follow. Oh, mother come for me; if only I had listened to my mother!”

As Konah sang, the genie became impressed and told him to continue to sing. Konah sang and sang; then the genie, having an ulterior motive wanted to get raid of Konah, said, “Oh, what a beautiful song! Indeed, come closer my dear, stand on my feet and sing some more so that I may hear your sweet voice quite loud and clear.”

But as innocent as Konah came to be, he did not know exactly what the clever genie was up to, and therefore, Konah did exactly as he was told by standing on his feet and he began to sing again.

The genie said, “How wonderful of you my child, now climb onto my lap and sing some more of your fine song.” And Konah did as he was taught.

The genie further said, “You will definitely become a very good vocalist some day my dear; but just climb into my hands and sing some more.”

Konah did as he was told even though he was becoming hungry. Then the genie said, “Well done my dear, but just come to me and do me the last favor by standing on my lips and sing the last stanza of your fine song, then you may go.”

At that, Konah soon became happy, as a flicker of hope was now visible on his innocent face! He probably thought that he would soon be released by his captor. And so, Konah hurrily climbed on top of the mighty genie’s gigantic lips.

Barely did Konah climb atop the greedy and hungry genie’s sizeable lips than the hungry genie swallowed him within the twinkle of an eye! How happy the hungry genie might have been be then, having gone hungry for some them now, once no one would easily tread its path!

Yet, though Konah was a stubborn boy, he was also smart, too! Konah always traveled with his penknife down into his pocket! And so, no sooner did Konah descend into the mighty genie’s sizeable stomach than Konah reaching out for his penknife, as sharp as tow-edges sword! Thus, Konah immediately opened the genie’s stomach wide apart and off he hurriedly ran away to his parents on the farm to tell them the news about his recent adventure with the genie.

Once on the farm, Konah asked for a cup of water to quench his thirst before narrating his ordeal! He explained what happened to him on his way to the farm and what he had learned from it, as a lesson.

Konah’s parents could not believe him because they felt his narrative was a mere fantasy! And so, they converged on the scene of the incident later only to behold the sizeable corpse of the mighty genie lying on the ground, face down!

It was then that they believed him and immediately sent for everyone from far and nearby towns and villages to come and see what Konah had done!

Everyone that came on the scene was amazed and glad all the same for what Konah did was seemed unbelievable, taking into account the size of the dead genie, as they carried Konah on their shoulders, chanting, “Little Konah the giant killer! Little Konah, our young hero.”

“A small axe has cut down a big tree,” observed elderly folks in the village.

But who knows? If God had not been on Konah’s side he would probably nor survive that grave adventure! So, it is best for children to listen to their parents’ pieces of advice rather than to have that experience of Konah.


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