Emma Smith Releases Anti-Ebola Track, ‘Protect Us from Ebola’


There has been a limited number of Liberian artists sending messages across through music about the dealy Ebola virus. Soul Fresh, DenG and F.A quite recently did a colaborated Ebola awarness song (Ebola In Town) that is probably playing somewhere around you right now.

Liberia’s international reggae artist, Black Diamond, and rap artist, Scientific, have also made an ebola awareness song warning people about its dangers.

There's a new Ebola awareness video circulating onlineby a young woman named Emma Smith, called “Protect us from Ebola”. Emma says she released her awareness song before the second outbreak could occur.

“ I decided to come out with my own protective awarness, a song that people will listen and adhere to. It was during the first outbreak that I decided to come out with something. The idea came then, and I thought this song was what I could offer as my own contribution” she added.

Well, the track “Protect us from Ebola” now has its own video; a very emotional video that will leave you teary eyed after watching it.

It would be good to have some tissue handy,  after watching nurses, children and a preganant woman in this video appealing to viewers to help in the fight against Ebola.

“I think from the onset God gave me the inspiration to do the song when people were not even thinking about protective measures.  From the very first outbreak, when I made this song, I knew the danger that was coming.  I could see it,” Emma says.

Little does anyone know, the deadly virus seems to be affecting so many people at once and also households and hospitals.  In “Protect us from Ebola” you’ll witness some of the most vunerable people asking for help.

“I downloaded some important information about Ebola and also had actors and actresses demonstrate the messages. I made this track to create some form of awareness and that's how I wrote this song.”

This is not her first track.

“I used to sing a long time ago before becoming a professional woman,” says Emma, who now works for the Liberian Revenue Authority.  “I feel I can still do music and give back to Liberia at the same time; especially during this epidemic.”

Meanwhile, Emma says she has been affected by the Ebola outbreak directly.

“I’ve been affected by the outbreak directly. My colleague Patrick Sawyer died of it, and I knew him personally. We trained together on occassions and also used to meet at a local restaurant every Saturday. That’s where prominent officials meet, talk and discuss things other then politics.

“It saddens my heart to know someone like Patrick has died from Ebola. Patrick was a good man. Nothing really bothered him; even if it did, he was so lively and friendly. The last time I saw him was on July 12, 2014 and he said to me how ebola is real. I never shook his hand or nothing because by then he was isolating himself and told us not to touch him. I cried bitterly the whole night when I heard he had was sick in Nigeria. I knew that he was in a bad zone because Nigerians don't take sides. I prayed for him that God brings him back to Liberia but got news that he was gone. It’s heartbreaking for us; and since this deadly decease is killing our people, let us all come together as one family and believe and agree that Ebola is real.”

Further more, the “ Protect us from ebola” will be coming out on DVD soon, but Emma says it’s a challenge getting sponsorship in the meantime.

“I'll sponsor my video myself because I've faced delays with Ministry of Health and radio stations. I'm sponsoring my own project and hoping to get sponsorship for TV so that people can come out and support it more because its not about money. So far the video is online on my Facebook page (Emma Smith) and it’s free for everyone to download and watch. I want people to listen so the message can get across because seeing kids and health workers speak in the video is so touching.

“I have a strong message inside my song,” Emma continues.  “This message says we need help in Liberia, so lets protect our land. The people are in denial, they're only acting like Ebola is not real and now it has come again. I told people that it would happen. I want to see what I can do in my own way because people like Sawyer and others have died or are dying, and it needs to stop.”


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