Duke Appleton Wins NATC, LiVArts Technology Art Competition


Art judges have named Duke Appleton as the winner of New Africa Technology Company’s (NATC) ‘technology art competition’, done in collaboration with Liberia Visual Art Academy (LiVArts).

Announcing the result over the weekend, the judges said although every participant was a winner who presented masterpieces, the competitive nature of the event, however, called for ‘a single star.’

“You made the choice through the voting process and we are proud to present to you Duke Appleton as the champion, with Brima Wolobah coming very close.

“Each artwork that was presented has individual essence and a connection with the role technology can play in developing Liberia. Overall, the works show the creativity of the artists, which was appreciated by the audience,” said the panel of judges.

Farzana Rasheed, NATC CEO, said the company has great respect and love for art, citing love as the reason behind the competition.

“This competition presents another excellent opportunity for professional artists to showcase their artwork to the company’s clients and friends.

“We are going to give the winner a cash prize of US$250 and have his artwork featured on the company’s 2015 Christmas cards for our clients.

“Each artist that enters this competition is a winner. Your participation is an act of faith, which exhibited that you believe in ones own gifts and strength. Even if your artwork did not win the competition, it is not a problem. What really matters is that you are an artist whose work inspired people,” said Madam Farzana Rasheed.

She extended thanks and appreciation to the nine artists that participated in the event for exhibiting excellence works that stirred the imagination of those in attendance.

In his winning remarks, Duke Appleton said: “I never thought that I could win this competition because we have a lot of great artists that took part in this unique competition that showcase our creativity as artists.

“I’m grateful to my following artists, organizers of this event and all those that voted for me and hope that this initiative is turned into a bigger one next time.

“I also want to thank you, my fans, for making me win this important competition, and to tell the world that art and technology have something unique in common.”

In a brief remark, the Executive Director of LiVArts, Leslie Lumeh, said: “This is the competition where distinct pieces of artwork dance with technology. The great thing here is that every artist put together a worthy piece that is valuable in the art world.”


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