DSP Live in Jamaica, At the United Nations Pageant World Finals


Liberian Afro-R&B singer DSP is singing to the world this week (June1-7, 2014) as part of the United Nations Pageant World Finals 2014, in Kingston Jamaica.

The singer is also expected to perform at the Liberian Music Awards in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) on June 14, 2014, where he has also picked up nominations for numerous categories  during this most anticipated eventcelebrating Liberian music.

DSP, who was born Ernesto Herbert will be visiting Jamaica for the very first time, and will be standing by and equipped to present his recent hit single “Promise”.

“I’ll be performing Promise and one other Jamaican song, the one that’s written on the poster. Going to Jamaica is an opportunity for me because it’s not a small place; everyone wants to go there. I feel confident about going out there to perform, doing a lot of reading to know how other people did it and came out successful over there. I’m learning the standard of how it works out fine to be able to put out the best. I don’t want to get out there and guess but do it how it is supposed to be done professionally,” DSP articulated.

Additionally, DSP recalls being astounded at the news of his scheduled Jamaican performance when his acting manager Junda Morris-Kennedy brought the news to his attention, though he says he wouldn’t miss any opportunity coming from his manager.

“Junda told me about Jamaica and I was surprised, thinking it was a joke, but she said it was real! Women from different countries will be taking part in the pageant but no one is representing Liberia. I know of 9 different countries partaking including Ghanaians and Nigerians. I can learn from it (the visit), that’s what I’m doing now, learning from what other people are doing that are already in the game.” He articulated.

Morris, DSP’s manager, highlighted during an interview with LIB Life that her duty as a manager is to help create opportunities for her artist in getting gigs.

 “Well as his PR company, I seek out opportunities for my clients to be recognized internationally. The organizer of the pageant, who is a business acquaintance, had heard DSP's music via my newsletter and reached out to me for him to perform at the United Nations Pageant Finals. I tried to get a Liberian representative but the people in Liberia are not serious. I am a pageant production guru and every time I try to reach out to people to send Liberian representatives to international events, everybody is not serious,” Morris laments.

Meanwhile, DSP says he’s going to give all he’s got to make sure that Liberia is remembered as having talented musicians wherever he goes. His planned trip to the United States of America will give the “Carolina” songster a chance to do just that.

“ I’m being nominated for the Liberian Music awards slated for June 14, 2014 as new artist, best new male artist of Africa and best new video. Of course I’ll be performing "Promise" and I’m so ready. It’s just another opportunity that I have to prove myself. I see it more like an opportunity than something to be afraid or nervous of.”

He further added that he will do his best to get more fans while staying in the states, but has no intention of wearing out his welcome by making himself too available or seen.

“I’m practicing, reading about mistakes, how to posture your looks and everything that relates to performing. I read bout it and learn the arrangements in dances and then I practice it. I want everything to be prepared before I get there. I spoke with my manager Junda and she says that she will have it all set. I don’t want to be seen everywhere when I get out there because I’m targeting those people, if they see you to much they will get less interest in seeing you or your performance,” he said in closing.

Also, DSP has some big plans while being away.

“ I’ll be working on some other things [including] some videos out there, and some photo shoots. I’ll also be doing the remix of “Carolina” with a Cameroonian girl,” He smiled.

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