Dream Debo Foundation Enrolls 20 Girls in School


The Dream Debo Foundation for Girls, a non-profit organization solely dedicated to helping underprivileged girls gain access to primary education in Liberia, has enrolled its first batch of 20 girls in school.

The foundation also provided all the necessary school materials for the 20 girls, who were enrolled at the Christ Mission Academy in Lakpazee, West Point.

Dream Debo, a renowned filmmaker and the foundation’s founder, said less fortunate girls are entitled to decent education, just as their privileged counterparts.

He added that if a boy is educated, only one person benefits. However, when it is a girl, the family and nation benefit.

“I personally believe that investing in a girl’s education is investing in a nation; and that is why I am doing everything possible for these unprivileged children to have a good education.

“As we live in a country where life is very hard, I’m stepping in with the Dream Debo foundation to help parents who lack the financial means to send their kids to school, most especially from the slum communities,” Dream said.

He added that after enrolling this first batch of 20 less fortunate girls, the foundation has begun the process of recruiting another 46 from different slum communities around Airfield.

Dream revealed that his goal is to make sure that children that live in slum communities across the county have access to quality education, with the end result being national development.

“Let me make this clear,” he said, “what we are providing for these girls is school aid, not scholarships, because I’m not in the position to provide them stipends and compensate the families for the loss of the girls’ household labor.”

He added that considering his financial strength, he made sure that the children live not too far from school to avoid costly transportation to their parents.


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