Dream Debo Denies Rift in Platinum Entertainment


The CEO of Platinum Entertainment Mr. Dream Debo has denied recent posts on Facebook that linked him to a rift between him and his deputy, Sir Benjamin Franklin.

In a mobile interview with our reporter, Debo said, “The post is not true. It is a fabricated publication.

 He added that his working relationship with his deputy is fine and everything is on course, reiterating that such a post should not be given credence.

E. Owusu Dahnsaw, an actor for Platinum, shocked fans over the weekend when he broke the news on his Facebook page, confirming a possible breakup between Dream Debo and Benjamin Franklin.

“I’m disappointed to say that there has been a deep split in Platinum Entertainment production,” Dahnsaw posted on his timeline. “This is the saddest misunderstanding I have ever encountered since my acting career took flight.”

He disclosed that Dream Debo and Sir Benjamin Franklin have gone their separate ways due to what seemed to have been a huge misunderstanding between the two, adding that John and Paul have already divided loyalties between both managers.

The post brought some shocking reactions, with Emmanuel Giffe, a FaceBook user, posting “This shouldn’t astonish folks ‘cause it is part of the whole entertainment business and if they are truly optimistic they will come back together,”

Another Facebook user, Barkadu Rannel, posted “This can happen and please don’t let the enemy laugh at us.”

“I hope they fix it soon, because we all need to work together to make this entertainment industry work,” Augustina Kou Monpleh said.

Dream said as far the Platinum family is concerned there is nothing that can lead to their break up.


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