Dr. Kulah On the Creative Process Behind the Film, ‘Providence’


‘Providence,’ a film produced by Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah that tells the story of two sisters and the lives of two families that collided in a heart-wrenching tale of love and the pursuit of happiness, will be released in Liberia a month and half from now.

The film, set in Liberia and Atlanta, USA, that features top world acts like Vivica A. Fox, Lisa Wu and Van Vicker, chronicles a beautiful tale of love, trust, betrayal, forgiveness, race and discrimination and oppression.

As the premiere of the film draws closer, LIB Life talked to Dr. Kulah, who has also produced numerous films in Africa and Hollywood, to discuss the creative process behind the film and its relation to Liberia’s past heritage.

Poster for the film, “Providence”

LIB Life: What made you to do a film like ‘Providence’?

Dr. Kulah: Providence was done in an effort to give back to Liberia, our homeland. We wanted to tell a compelling story that involved the African-Americans’ first trip to Africa after the abolishment of slavery. We also wanted to tell a love story, one that would bring healing, forgiveness, and peace to our nation. Additionally, it was our desire to give back to the Liberian film industry, to producing a film that could prove the financial viability of our work and attract distributors from all walks of life.

LIB Life: What scene do you think the audience would enjoy the most and why?

Dr. Kulah: I believe the audience will enjoy the scene where Van Vicker’s character speaks candidly to his wife about why Africans and African-Americans can’t seem to get along. I say this, there is a myth in the US that we Africans sold them into slavery. As a result, we sometimes find that some of them react to us Africans differently. The scene connects the myth, whilst showing how similar we really are and thus must be caring and respectful of one another.

LIB Life: How does this movie relates to Liberia’s past, and what impact do you think it will have?

Dr. Kulah: The film relates to Liberia’s past in that it shows our unsettled beginnings. It also relates to our past in that it shows the intentions of the founding fathers and the importance of understanding other people before passing judgment. I believe it will impact Liberia by showing both our uniqueness and similarities in an effort to bring peace, healing, forgiveness, and togetherness between the masses.

LIB Life: What was your first movie making experience, and how did it change your life?

Dr. Kulah: ‘Paparazzi Eye in the Dark’ was my first film experience. However, prior to filming, I had already done a number of plays; some of which I wrote and others I directed and produced. After doing Paparazzi, I realized it was easier to do films. I realized that I loved the intensity, the busyness, adventure, and fast-moving world of filming.

LIB Life: How does your most recent project compare to your previous works? What’s the difference?

Dr. Kulah: My most recent project, “Providence” compares to none. This one is my passion project, my baby. Though I’ve done a number of films, our latest work is different because it is about our country. It gives an awesome history interwoven into a love story that categorizes a number of historical happenings in Liberia. Last, but not least, “Providence” was shot and produced in Liberia. It was made for us and by us. It shows the resiliency and love of the Liberian people and how we work so well together. I LOVE LIB! LIBERIA FOREVER!

LIB Life: Thanks for the interview, and any last words?

Dr. Kulah: Let every Liberian get set for this upcoming blockbuster movie release. It will be great and hope to see everybody there.


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