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Not yet old enough to be called a veteran, DopeMusic Empire has claimed an interesting spot in most conversations as one of the most talked about Liberian imprints in the industry.

Made up of SB Taylor, a young entrepreneur and co-owner of DopeMusic Empire, R&B sensation Jodi Clark and rapper Baby Eye, these three guys have Atlanta and continents talking.

Recently, Baby Eye, who is also co-owner of DopeMusic, formed by him and his brother SB and much later, Jodi Clark, did a collabo with Atlanta’s promising rap star Lil Scrappy called ‘Rih Rih.’

Lil Scrappy is a worldwide superstar with millions of fans. After the release of the song, the video is presently being shot by Je Young Spike, and his followers are following.

Young Spike has done videos for Nicki Minaj, Minah, Akon, Future, and many more. Not only would the video be exclusively handled, the song itself was produced by one of the top producers in the hip hop biz, filthyRichBeats.

According to Baby Eye’s manager and brother, SB, who handles the business side of their label, “I want to show others the way Liberian acts can compete in the African market. It won’t be easy as anything else worth having in life, but it’s possible. DopeMusic wants to channel the minds that are heading the acts,” he stated.

Meanwhile, DopeMusic is doing a lot of building despite being just three heads handling all the major moves the group is making. Jodi is presently on tour, while Baby Eye is just about ready to release his album ‘20/20’ while SB continues to support his two artists into further ventures.

“I started off in the business with my brother Baby Eye and through him I met Jodi, when Jodi was working on his ‘Visions’ album three years ago and flew down to work with Baby Eye,” he said.

“I saw their chemistry in the studio and said to myself that it will make sense if they all worked under one umbrella, and that’s how DopeMusic Empire was birthed.”

According to SB, who has a big collaboration planned for Liberia this year, there are many supporters of their vision that do ground work for them in Ivory Coast and other parts of the world. From video directors, media folks and others, all want to be a part of an investment that keeps getting better.

Jodi and Baby Eye are under the same label, and also invest in their crafts as well.

“And I’m the middle man with investment in both of them,” SB added.


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