DJ Blue Wants Liberian Artists to Return Home for Upcoming LiMA


International DJ Blue, a founding member of the newly formed Liberian Music awards (LiMA) and CEO of Blue Links Records, is pleading with all professional Liberian artists around the world to come back to Liberia and build a better fan base in preparation for the upcoming Liberian Music Awards.

“If you’re an artist and your music is not being played in Liberia, it will affect your career. That’s the same reason you see Davido and other Nigerian artists coming back to Africa – because they were not winning awards in their country and they’ve returned home to get some, “ added DJ Blue.

Over the years more than a handful of artists have left Liberia in hopes of pursuing their music careers in other places. Fortunately, many of them such as Jodi Clark, Friday the Cell Phone Man, Shadow, David Mel, Bene Vee, JD Donzo and Pitty D’ Best, have been able to gain international recognition and the money their careers deserved.

Artist, RnB/Afro/Pop star Munnah visited Liberia four years ago and was welcomed by the Liberian community. Bringing a vibrant style, with her blond hair and platinum colored disco shoes, Munnah, also known as the LIB Princess, was accepted by her hometown. Since then, she has won numerous awards, including the Liberian Music awards based in the United States.

“If you want this music thing, you have to sacrifice and come to Liberia and let your music be heard – and then you’ll fly high. I have no animosity towards any international artist in America or any part of the world, but all I’m saying is, if the Liberian people here feel you, then you’ll win awards,” she clarified.

In response to DJ Blue’s statement, artists have started reaching out to Liberian DJs, reporters and the like in hopes of getting assistance in creating awareness about their music here in Liberia. LIB LIFE has been one of their greatest promoters and supporters in highlighting their careers and bios.

“G-Rize, a very talented star has reached out to us and we’ve been playing his music out here. It helps a lot because now many people know of him and love his stuff. Then there’s our boy Jodi Clark, he was here, spent a lot of time out in Ivory Coast but started his career right here. He left and went to
America and was shouldered and accepted by the Liberian/American community only because they already knew him and have been following his stuff,” added DJ Lady Emotions of HottFm.

Meanwhile, after the launch of LiMA back in the start of October 2015, there was controversy over the fact that some of its board members manage or work in one way or another with some of the best artists in Liberia.

Lewis McCarthy, the artist executive of LiMA, is also managing Quincy B and has a working relationship with Scientific. There is controversy over Champion Designs CEO, Edwin Tisdell and DJ Blue’s interest, if any, in the awards.

According to DJ Blue, who also manages RnB/Afro/ sensation F.A, he feels that this should not worry anyone as LiMA’s nomination and voting process will not be done by its members.

“If that were the case, we are all managing artists that will go under the same category and it won’t be a small fight we’ll have to fight over the title. Just to prove to the Liberian community that this is not for our own interest, I’m not going to allow Blue Links to run this time around. We, the LiMA members, are only here to solidify the event and make sure it happens, but voting and all of that will be done by you the people,” he added.

Meanwhile, DJ Blue has clarified his saying towards LiMA’s formation. He previously stated that the award’s formation was the first time nine executive members have come together to form such a group.

“In 2008, the Music Union held an award ceremony that didn’t have much media coverage – that’s why it wasn’t really talked about. But the Music Union president has given us his blessing and we’ll make sure to get the endorsement of everyone that has an interest in our industry. We’re not leaving anyone out,” he added.


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