DJ Blue Releases International Liberian Video Mix


Veteran Liberian Disc Jockey Bernard Benson, affectionately known as DJ Blue, has taken the Liberian musical industry into a new dimension, releasing the first ever international and local video mix.

Hipco is Liberia’s own rare style of music and has been around since the 1980s, ushering in different styles, concerns and voices. But it has managed to stay afloat through the civil war, and today symbolizes a unique mix of Liberian culture. 

Liberian musical industry promoters have projected the video mix to sell over 60,000 copies and hope it will be a huge incentive, encouraging artists and fans to do more in strengthening and enhancing the musical industry in Liberia.

DJ Blue says the video mix is a self-sponsored initiative and covers a huge cost, adding that as God would have it, the artists involved understood the process: that making this video is to promote their ventures and create huge public awareness.

He added that revenue generated from the video mix will help fund volume two and more; that the reason for his commitment is to let every Liberian know their artists; that is, those abroad and at home, as well as to see what they are doing.

“There are power in videos; it brings out audio and visual effects,” says Blue, adding “this video mix can now be surfed on the Internet and is also on sale for just LD$100.”

A number of fans have had a lot to say about the video mix. Alphanso Doe, a taxi driver, said that for him the video mix has shown to Liberians that it is time to give support to the industry.   

 Also speaking was John Myers, a banker, who said that the video mix is a manifestation of quality Liberian music at home and abroad, adding, “the creativity of the artists in the video mix is hard to understand but is worth applauding. Even though this mix is unique in its own way, it will require time for the public to fully grasp what it is saying. 

Anonymous sources say DJ Blue is eyeing the post of the president of the music union of Liberia, explaining that members are already saying he’s the right candidate.

Artists included in the video mix:

1.Jebbeh by F.A

2.Ebola is real by Soul Fresh, FA & DenG

3.Completion things by Jessica Sing ft. Tan Tan B

4.Lib Girl by G Rize

5.Off & On (remix) Jon Bricks ft Zheng Zheng

5. Bassim Bassim by Togar Howard

7.Give it to me by F.A 

8.Soul Fresh by Soul Fresh

9.Celebrations by Munnah

10. U report by DJ Blue

11.Fly Away by 2C

12.SO Monrovia by Ro Papers FT Cypha D King

13. Go low by Cozy

14.Always by F.A

15.One more time by M’press 1 love ft Killa Lu

16.Father love by Bernice Blackie

17. Da who say K-Zee ft JB

18.E leh leh by Tan Tan  B ft DenG

19. Addicted to you by Benji Cavali

20.I just do me by F.A 

21. I’m nice by Mr. Smith Lib money ft Chiller Coolnanee

22. Da Who by Jon Bricks


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