Digging up a Few Talented Brothers


Love it or leave it, DJ Daddi Rich has been an undeniable presence in the Liberian industry for more than 20 years, mixing and matching some of Liberia’s top songs in and around the Diaspora on a turn table. He knows exactly how to pump up a crowd and have everyone dancing.

The DJ, who is working on his first album, released one of its singles “Dey can’t make it” featuring Pity D Best and D12, which landed on HottFm’s Top LIB 75 Exclusive Playlist, the first of its kind. Daddi Rich’s single is getting more air play than the norm; the banger is that rich.

The song has an energy and vibe to it that is out of this world; it seems too good to be true with its exceptional African sound and modern day ad-libs and slogans. Whenever HottFm plays “Dey can’t make it”, fans go nuts!
Combined with Pity D Best, who is super talented and afro-sing over D12’s seemingly lively voice the two come together in a wave of symphony showing the world that being in America has improved their skills.

Meanwhile, Daddi Rich isn’t a stranger to Liberia or its entertainment industry. On top of becoming one of the prominent deejays in Minnesota, a hub of a growing African immigrant population, Daddi Rich says he recognize an opportunity among local artists aspiring to gain notoriety.

Artists did not have the option of a company that can provide services like quality productions, management and distribution. Hence, he launched Dayee Record and worked with artists such as Munnah, G.O.D-D and F.A.M and managed Tracy Harris and Success Zeon. A list of his other moves follows:

In 2008, Daddi Rich pursued another passion by co-founding a non-profit organization called ASSA. The purpose of the organization is to provide an alternative after school programs and recreational activities for kids in the Liberian community; also in 2013, he pursued another passion and launched Star Nation TV with his business partner K. Diallo a source for African entertainment and information in MN. Daddy Rich also co-hosts a show on Star nation TV with the beautiful Mercy Love. In conjunction with these companies, Daddi Rich partnered with Lex-T a music producer in Minnesota. Lex persuaded him to return to his love of music by collaborating on three songs on his “This is our time” gospel compilation. Daddi Rich producer and directed three videos for the project; at the end of 2014 Daddi Rich partnered with Lex-T to form RL Records. They put a project out on the label called “Genesis,” a compilation featuring various artists from all over and shot a video for one of the songs called “Show face.”

However, by the end of 2015, after working with different partners and artists, Daddi Rich decided to do his own thing in the entertainment business. He funded his new company called “Dayee Media Group,” which is an
entertainment and media company registered in America and Liberia.

Presently, he is working on an album, which will feature artists from all over the world. The first single on the album called “Dey can’t make it” is taking over the airwaves, clubs and entertainment spots both in America and Liberia.


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