Destiny Child Producer/Director Kortu K. Mormo Discusses His New Project


The constant demand of Liberian comedic movies that are now being sold in the Liberian market has attracted more viewers and fan base across the country.  These movies, which highlight the daily activities of ordinary Liberians, and speaking in simple Liberian colloquia has been very helpful in putting smiles on people’s faces after a painful 2014.  With the industry growing much faster than expected, there is a corresponding surge in audience anticipation as to what producers and directors have in store for 2015.  One of Lollywood’s leading comedy producers and directors, Kortu K. Mormo (K2) spoke with LIB Life’s Robin Dopoe about his new project, DESTINY CHILD, which is not totally off the comedic track, but adds a new dimension to his portfolio.  According to him, the film is projected to sell 3,000 copies nationwide.

ROB: What is exceptional about the Destiny Child project that will make it sell 3,000 copies nationwide?

KM: This project is unique because we are going to show the cultural values of our ancestors and their traditional practices in the early days before civilization came. It is blended with both comedy and tragedy, highlighting the negative and positive impact of their traditions. Liberia’s hottest comedian actor, Isaac S. Saih  (aka Paul) is on the project playing a standard role. This has made marketers and distributors battle for right to sell.

ROB: Why did you decide to engage into such a project?

KM: This project is intended to give our fan base and viewers insight on their ancestral culture, which seems to have been lost. We want to bring it back to them through entertainment.  It will also enable them to decide if these traditional practices are good or not before making it part of their lives.

ROB: As a producer and director, what are the challenges you face within the industry?

KM: There are numerous challenges we still face, [including] the many errors in the piracy laws of Liberia and the unwillingness of government to make investment in the industry. There is also the lack of advanced training for production teams, poor equipment and difficult marketing environment.

ROB: What was your biggest achievement of 2014?

KM:  My biggest achievement of 2014 was the movie Christmas Fever, which sold over 800 copies nationwide. This was a project that was highly acclaimed on Facebook by fans all around the world.

ROB: When will Destiny Child be released?

KM: It will be out three weeks from now as Valentine’s Day gifts for our many buyers around the country.

ROB: Some part of last year you were out of production for some months. What happened?

KM: Yeah, it was due to the huge loss I experienced from a project which I Invested a lot of resources into.  All the tapes from that project got damaged before editing. Also, the postponement of my wedding because of the Ebola crisis all helped to slow me down. But as God could have it I’m back in business.

ROB: Is there anything you have to say before we close?

KM: I want to appreciate all Liberians who try to support lollywood by buying our movies and my marketer and distributor, NG Business Center.


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