DenG Turns 32


32 years ago on September 1, 1984, one of Liberia’s finest artists, whose hit-making ability has helped redefined and refined the Afro pop genre in Liberia, came into this world.

According to his website, Daniel Tom George, commonly known as DenG, was born in Bong County. He got his big break in his quest to jumpstart his R&B career when singer-songwriter Emma Smith featured him on the song “I want to go.”

Although DenG tried his best on that song, his effort, however, did not usher him into the limelight, either as a talent to keep an eye out for or a new force or voice to be reckoned with in the industry.

That was to come in 2013, when the Queen of Hip-Co, Queen V, featured DenG and Tan Tan on the hit single “Jue you bad.” DenG so stole the limelight from the two industry heavyweights that flanked him that people failed to realize that he had switched his flow from R&B to Afro pop – ushering in the birth of a new player in that already crowded field.

From that single onward, DenG completed his switch from R&B to Afro pop, and did a handful of memorable collaborations that stamped his arrival as a mainstream artist.

Well, all that shine must have hurt quite a few artists because DenG’s one-man 2014 project was kicked off with the song “They Vex,” believed to be in response to the jealousy that comes with fame and recognition. From production to flow, with that single, DenG set himself apart from his Afro pop counterparts in the country at that time.

But 2015 would prove to be the year DenG really arrived on the scene, for real. With fans, radio and clubs hanging on to any and everything DenG, and wanting more, it was small wonder when in 2015 the Liberian Entertainment Awards and Liberia Music Awards respectively handed the artist the coveted “Song of the Year” and “Artist of the Year” awards; a feat that had, up to then, never been accomplished by a Liberian artist.

DenG’s career received its biggest boost when the artist became Brand Ambassador for the GSM, Novafone Liberia, in a deal rumored to be worth a whopping US$50,000.

That same year, DenG released “Kemah,” arguably his most popular track yet, which helped him land a nomination from the African Entertainment Awards (AEA) USA in the “Best New Artist” category along with Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo, who won the “Best International Artist” award at the 2015 BET Awards.

Since he stepped in the scene, DenG has changed the sound, look and potential of Afro pop music in Liberia; essentially setting the pace for others to follow.

From the LIB Life team to you, DenG, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! We wish you many more years of success, love and happiness.


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