DenG, other LIB Artist Clench African Entertainment Awards Nominations

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“They Vex” hit maker DenG has been nominated for the African Entertainment Awards (AAEA) USA 2015.

Others Liberian artists nominated include Togar Howard, Young Muse and Jodi in the Best Upcoming Artist Category.

DenG is the only Liberian nominated in the Best New Artist Category, along with Uganda’s star Eddy Kenzo, who won the Best International Artist at the 2015 BET awards.

Since smashing into spotlight in 2013, with “Jue You Bad”, DenG’s career has mushroomed at a startling pace. Last year the artist won two major awards each, from the Liberia Music Awards and Liberia Entertainment Awards.

“I feel blessed and am happy that Liberian music is being given international recognition from abroad. That shows the game is improving,” DenG told LIB Life in a mobile phone interview.

“I just want to appeal to Liberians to go online and vote to make Mama Liberia proud. This is not about DenG but the growth of the industry as a whole,” DenG, who celebrated his 31st birthday on September 1, added.

DenG has come under serious criticisms recently for not launching a video for any his songs.

He told LIB Life that “The visual has to match with the sound of the music,” adding, “I’m not condemning Liberian producers but my manager always purchases my beats from Nigeria and Ghana, and the song as being produced in Liberia is worth listening to.”

He emphasized that he doesn’t “want to make videos that will not match my songs, so I’m taking time to do it.”

“All the awards I have won, including my present nomination, are not about video but quality in all my songs,” he added.

DenG’s career reached a milestone during his birthday when a video of his hit song “Kemah”, produced By DJ Cripz featuring 3D dancers, which the artist didn’t appear in but was attributed to him by DJ Cripz, reached 200,000 views on YouTube.

He said music is about progress and not just about producing videos.

“I’m working towards making videos for all songs that are out. As soon as my video director returns from the United States we will embark on that.”

DenG disclosed before his video director’s travel to the US that they did a video for “They Vex”, but the hard drive got damaged and the director was not available for the reshooting.

“When it comes to video I prioritize it a lot,” he said. “I have tried doing a video for Kemah with a Liberian producer. But we had a series of problems, and I have decided to wait until my manager comes.”

According to AEA organizers, the purpose of the African awards is to create a united Africa. This way Africa can be self-sufficient by creating and making decisions that are beneficial for the people of Africa.

“We believe that one day we will celebrate the new Africa by creating one Africa for all,” the organizers said in a statement.

You can vote for your favorite Liberian artists online at Voting ends October 10.

The show is scheduled to take place on October 31, at the Mary Burch Essex Theater in County College, Newark New Jersey.

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