DenG and Manager Argue Over “Put Foot” Video Quality


As it stands, catchy colloqua hit maker DenG and his manger Alice Yawo are embroiled in a heated argument over the quality of the video for the recently released “Put Foot”.

In a Facebook exchange of words, it seemed that the once great mutual relationship that existed between the two has degenerated into bad feelings.

Again, speculations are rife in the entertainment industry that the arguments are not just about bad blood, but that the pair is not willing to work on any future projects together soon.

With this development, it put the release of videos for Kemah and other hits songs at risk.

Posting earlier on Facebook, DenG’s manager, Alice Yawo, said “I never downgrade my artist’s work. I was video chatting with the director day and night despite huge differences making sure the video was pleasing to fans.”

Madam Yawo further said after realizing that most of the fans were disappointed, the best thing to do was to promise them better ones.

She added, “If I release a statement that we will do better next time that does not in any way means I’m referring to the video as being bad.”

“I’m his manager, and will never publicly release a statement that I know will destroy his image or brand that I have worked hard to keep. My statement has been taken out of context, so please encourage him to respect his team because everything we do is in the interest of DenG.”

In responsible to her post, DenG said “If a fan wrote a post referring to your artistic work as ‘ass’ and you as the manager comment under the post telling them thanks for the honesty, how do you explain that?”

“It means that you are also complimenting their statement that the video is an ass, and you are so disappointed and promising to give them a better video next time. Who released the video? It was the manager who had the authority not to release the video until it is done properly,” DenG noted.

The ‘Kemah’ hit maker said that under no condition would he attack fans for speaking their minds, but that his manager joined friends to downgrade the hard work he has done.

“My manager knows that we discuss our issues inbox. She saw the post and came to my inbox. I told her to ignore the post because these things happen on social media all the time. But DenG words sounded foolish to her,” the artist said.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as new information comes to light.


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