DenG and Manager Alice ‘Split for Good’


Less than two months after his successful US tour, catchy colloquia hit maker DenG and his manager of over two years, Alice Yawo, are in splitsville (have called it quits) after things got bad.

LIB Life has learnt that before the break up, the pair’s unwillingness to communicate for a month played a crucial role in the split.

On the drama that led to the break up, Alice Yawo told C Liberia Clearly (a blog by Berenice Mulbah) “that there are so many things that led to the fallout. I felt like I was being taken advantage of. I made many sacrifices for my artists at the time, but was not getting respect and appreciation in return.”

“I flew from Massachusetts to Philadelphia for the first time in my life, to have everything in place for a great video shoot for DenG. I spent a week in Philadelphia making sure everything was topnotch. I had a mansion booked and everything in place.

“On the day of the shoot, DenG did not show up. I give everything I had planned to two other artists, which they used for their video shoots. DenG didn’t show any remorse, as if my time and money didn’t matter,” she explained to C Liberia Clearly.

However, despite the break up saga, Alice praised DenG for being ‘a cool guy’ and that she does not want to discuss him further until he decides to go public with everything

“I highly doubt this can be settled. We have grown apart and that’s normal; people grow apart all the time, even in business. I just want DenG to put Liberia on the map and be that big artist he has always dreamed of being. It’s his time to shine, and I wish him all the best,” Alice told LIB Life.

When contacted on the break up, DenG said it was Alice that called for the split, accusing him of being disrespectful, unappreciative and more.

According to DenG, “Music is business and Alice should learn how to keep it professional. I will never turn down something that I know will bring pride and a lot of good in return to me. If DenG do not turn up you should understand right away that something didn’t go right.

“I flew to Philadelphia for the video shoot and stayed there for two days in a hotel. People need to be honest and put Liberia first and stop coming in with hidden agendas and pretending as if you are in it for the sake of Mama Liberia.

“Enough with the drama every time; and it is hard to believe that Alice is telling people how I’m disrespectful and don’t appreciate her. How does Alice want me to respect or appreciate her?”


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