Den G Refutes Claims of being Under ‘Contract’ with T-Bund Studio


The management of Liberian Record Label-T-Bund Studio-TamFinda Records says it wishes to set the record straight relative to an article published in the March 21, 2014, edition of the Daily Observer newspaper.

The article, featured in the entertainment column Lib Life, is captioned: “Den G from Normal Singer to Hit Maker.”

Daniel T. George—stage named Den G— is a Liberian artist under contract with T-Bund Studio-TamFinda Records.

On August 12, 2013, Den G signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the studio. This MOU gave the record label exclusive rights to manage and promote his talent locally and internationally at no cost to him.

Consistent with provisions of the MOU, Den G is under strict obligation to adhere to the terms of the agreement, but the recent publication connecting him to one Alice Yawo as his manager without prior written consent of T-Bund Studio-TamFinda Records is considered a violation that undermines the ‘intent of the agreement.’

According to the Daily Observer, “Den G recently received the news of a lifetime, something that dozens of talented Liberia-based artists have not been able to establish in their career, he has a manager,” which confirms the point management is driving at.

 By his failure to recognize the content of the agreement Den G has exhibited “bad business practice, which has the propensity to hamper growth of the Liberian entertainment industry,” a release said.

 According to the release, consistent with Article Five of the agreement, artists are under obligation to seek approval of their actions by management prior to embarking on any activities they plan to carry out; including seeking talent promotion.

Reacting to the action of his artist, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of T-Bund Studio-TamFinda Records, Tamba W. Bundor, expressed surprise and regretted Den G’s “move.”

Concerning the level of impact on the entity by the action of Den G, one of the record label’s outstanding talents, Bundor emphatically said, “no impact whatsoever, because artists will come and go, and the label remains. Our capacity to attract artist is visible and that is what is important.”

Den G was registered by T-Bund Studio-TamFinda Records with the Liberia Musical Union as a member and copyrighted all his songs.

When the Observer contacted Den G, he admitted to the MOU that is between him and T-Bund Studios. However, he stated: “Well the MOU states that if at any time any of the parties wants to move on from the MOU that party has the right to do so having served a one-month written notice to the other party involved.

He stressed that T-Bund didn’t sign him and so regret that they would be having problems with him asking someone to be his “promotional manager.”

“We didn’t have any formal contract. I had told T-Bund about Alice, who is my promotional manager and they agreed. But after seeing the article that the Observer had done, they started accusing Alice of ‘stealing from them,’ as if they my managers,” he stressed.

Den G, stated that they are only getting mad now because he is getting “hot and someone is coming in to help him, they are now jealous. Better things are coming out now, so they are trying to find faults.”

He clarified that Alice didn’t sign me and she is only his “promotional manager. Based on these people’s attitude, I am going to walk out of this MOU,” Den G stressed. 

For her part, Alice Yawo, said Den G has concluded to part company with T-Bund Studio.

“I am Den G’s Manager and whatever agreement Den G had with T-Bund Studio is no longer in effect,” she stated.  

She further said what she was told when she came into the picture is that Den G and T-Bund Studio agreed to promote each other and there were no pieces of information discussed to me about T-Bund Studio managing Den G, it was just promotion.

She emphasized that she would never disrespect T-Bund Studio because they invested a lot in Den G’s career. “But since all of this arrived T-Bund Studio has not contacted her although she left them her number. “I am all about respect and I am a very business minded person. If you feel I was the cause for Den G breaching his contract than call me.

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