‘Decisions’ to Premiere Again


‘Decisions,’ rated as one of the best Liberian movies of the past two years, will première next week at the Monrovia City Hall.

The première, which will be held on June 10 at the Monrovia City Hall Theater, will be the second barely a month after the first, held at Golden Gate. This blockbuster, which has become the nation’s highest grossing film on open day, looks set to overtake Dream Debo’s action-packed blockbuster ‘Freedom,’ which generated L$1,356,000 or US$12,672 in total profits in 2016.

Directed by Cosme Pulano, ‘Decisions’ is centered on a character named Jonathan, who was born into an impoverished family, and suffers a double tragedy when he lost his sister and father in a matter of days. But things quickly changed when he met Amelia Smith, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, and a cousin of Charles, Jonathan’s college friend.

As the friendship between Jonathan and Amelia develops, she goes to great lengths to ensure that his status is changed and is accepted by her mother. But their love affair hits rock bottom when Amelia’s mother found out that Jonathan was an outcast, or poor. Mrs. Smith, eager to break the relationship and save her family’s name, sent Amelia to the United States. She also connives with Charles to destroy the relationship.

‘Decisions,’ a film about deception and bitterness, is full of twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seat asking “What’s next?” Critically, it is a film with an amazing suspense-filled storyline with two dramatic plots, which firstly starts with the mother involving in the earlier relationship break down, that leads to Jonathan having to make a very hard choice as to who to wed.

The film is a movie that is heavy in dialogue with a shrill, judgmental and indecisive tone.

The film premieres on Saturday, June 10, at the Monrovia City Hall Theater, and will cost you US$20. You will receive a DVD after. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Tickets are on sale for U$20 at Liberia Media Center, 1st Street, Jallah Town; African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), Camp Johnson Road; Philadelphia Central Church, Congo Town; Liberia Broadcasting Corporation (LBS), Paynesville; SCII Homes Supplies, ELWA Road; and Favorite Gold Jewelry Shop, Memarinna Building, Corner of Front & Randall Streets, among others. The event begins with a Red Carpet parade of some of the actors.



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