By Roosevelt Richards

Dear Martin Luther King

We blacks are proud of you today

Because of the way you use to think

We’ll remember you everyday

When our fathers and mothers were sold as slaves

Because they accepted they had inferior minds

Though now you’re in your grave

You let us know we’re one of a kind

The Emancipation Proclamation wasn’t good enough

So on the 23rd day of August 1963

The greatest liberty oration in black history was made

That today makes us free

The great vaults of opportunities are now opened

The banks of injustice has been broken down

You stood as a hero

And you died as a great liberator

You’ll forever be remembered

As long as a black man lives

You have won yourself a number

On this great road you have paved

Though you were assassinated at age 39

And your greatest dreams you dare not see

I write to inform you that all is fine

And the world is not what it used to be

Sincerely yours,

A Black Man


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