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-Not Just a Label

Singers are busy people, and it’s hard to be a good artist in two demanding entertainment industries that require creative thinking to survive: fashion and singing. Only one or two Liberian artists have pulled it off: Bucky Raw, with his Trap Co wear, and Sammie Love’s Dashiki Empire.

When you look at it, music and fashion go hand in hand. So much of the lifestyle of an artist has to do with how he/she looks, what he/she drives, what shoe he/she is wearing accessorized by jewelry. That’s why artists leverage their popularity in the music arena by starting fashion lines that will make them richer and looking fresh.

Samuel Paasewe, also known as Sammie Love, is a new school Liberian artist. As recalled, he is the only Liberian to have so far participated in the America’s Got Talent competition, bowing out in the first round. Sammie says he has learned from his experiences and is using “what I have learned in my music career right now.”

Sammie Love’s Dashiki Empire gear

In 2014 Sammie joined the music industry based on advice and released two singles: ‘She killin’ it,’ featuring Saga and Shadow man, and ‘Make it thick,’ featuring StarmeloD. Since then he has enjoyed success in the music game.

Sammie is also very serious about fashion and style and on May 8, 2016, he launched his online cultural wear store featuring his unique Africa-inspired styles.

The line, called Dashiki Empire, is inspired by African aesthetics in “a world where indigenous art forms are exploited,” he said.

Sammie said he has spent huge sums of money to channel Dashiki Empire into a line that also specializes in redesigning, jewelry-making and digital designs using contemporary and traditional African design techniques.

According to the versatile designer, Dashiki Empire partnered with HYB clothing to launch a new style and design, one frequently seen on a lot of Liberian performing artists.

“Much of our work is a form of textile re-design using my canvas to create wearable works of art,” he added.

Meanwhile, the quality of the clothing line sets Dashiki Empire apart from the rest, which helps Sammie to generate sales.

“We re-master clothing and accessories through the art of sewing, stamping, stenciling and design using handmade traditional African and contemporary tools,” he stated.

The items in his online shop are handmade and are one-of-a-kind.


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