Dash Scoops Four Liberian Music Awards


This year’s Liberian Music Awards saw the triumph of a man who has yet to release a full length album scooping a whopping four awards from his two hit singles.

On Saturday, June 4 the Liberian Music Awards was swept by the artist known as Dash, when he garnered four awards for his songs “License Plate” and “I Love You.”

The man of the night came out as the champ beating nominees on the Best Artist, Best Gbema Song, Best Gbema Video and Best Artist USA lists.

Many say he deserved the win because he has over the years balanced his life with his music and education without losing focus. Apart from his obvious crooning talent, Dash proved a budding writer by writing the script for the video – License plate – that won the Best Gbema Video award. His entrepreneurial side became apparent when it was revealed that he has a lot of say in his music and how it’s produced.

But the question on the minds of lovers of Liberian music is: How did a ‘rookie’ artist win all those awards in one night?

Dash’s accomplishment on the night made him the only Liberian artist to take home four awards.

“I texted friends and family to vote for me and asked them to convince their friends and families to vote as well. I had people make my flyer their profile picture on FaceBook to help spread the word that they should vote for me. I never met anyone on the LMA committee, and how it is set up. KY called me to congratulate me but I never met him before. I’m not the type of guy to go out so a lot of people don’t really know me,” Dash revealed.

Dash said he worked hard to win the awards nominees in the same categories, like DenG and Eric Gesso, failed to win because “most of the people who were in the category I was in didn’t care about winning; and I was, so I took the situation and made the best of it.”

Congratulations from the LIB Life team to all those who took home awards and those who were nominated and recognized for their hard work.


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