Dahnsaw Clenches Five Nominations


Sensational Liberian actor E. Owusu Dahnsaw has clenched at this year’s Afrifimo Awards and Film/ Music Festival (AAFMF) four nominations for The Deal.

The Deal was nominated Best Drama Movie, Best African Film, Best Independent Film, Best Language Film and Best Action Movie.

“I am thrilled and humbled to have my work recognized by Africa and the world at large. I must say ‘The Deal’ is a movie that, due to my engagements at the time, I almost would not have been starred. But eventually I did and today I’m being voted in four gigantic categories.”

He added that winning the award would be a plus for Liberia in the African entertainment business, ushering in a new breed of investors that have been monitoring and evaluating the Liberian entertainment industry.

With an appealing storyline and artistic delivery well up to international standards, The Deal is set to garner huge publicity.

“I’m urging Liberian movie enthusiast to vote for ‘The Deal’ in order to have the movie win all nomination at this Continental Awards,” Mr. Dahnsaw said.

Set up to recognize and honor movie and music personalities across the African continent and in the Diaspora, the AAFMF is an annual award that has made considerable contributions to the advancements of the African entertainment industry.

The Deal features three best friends who lose their respective jobs. After trying and unable to find work, they land a job with a gang boss to deliver a package, and ends up walking away with US$150,00 dollars each. A thriller chugged full of suspense, the movie is bound to leave you sitting on the edge of your seats.

“Every Liberian needs to wake up and be patriotic in supporting Liberian movies. This could garner huge interests from potential investors and I’m proud in making history in this glorious land of Liberty.”

Having made his Lollywood debut back in 2009 with Divine Grace Movie Production in the film “Above All Power”, the Liberian actor has since made huge strides, acting in more than 15 spectacular movies, including “Hold Your Heart”, “Dugbormar”, “Fufu and Soup”, “Clean Criminal”, and “House of Trouble”.

“My plans are basically mine and God’s to execute. However I would be happy if Liberian movie enthusiasts can go on social media and vote for ‘The Deal’ as much they can before poll closes,” he said.

He disclosed that acting has been a passion since childhood, that he’s worked hard to develop his talents, and that he’s made a bold decision in making a positive contribution to society through films.

“I stand as the first in my family to have come this far, especially in the entertainment business. It has not been an easy path, but the journey requires patience, humility and persistence,” Dahnsaw said.

He also said the driving force behind his success is the creativity and knowledge gained from each work and that the possibility of creating awesome characters and bringing them alive on the silver screen is mightier than political vices.

“The passion that give birth to the movies that I have acted in is an act of God manifested through me,” he said with smile.

To vote for The Deal online go to www.aafmf.com/Vote. Please be reminded that voting ends July 15.


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