‘Da Lie’ J-Glo Releases New Single


Now that J-Glo has released her newest single ‘Da lie,’ after four years absence from the Liberian music scene, and fans are waiting for the drop of the video for this hot song.
The hot new single highlights men’s attitude towards women.

J-Glo told LIB Life, “I wrote this single, inspired by personal experiences in 2010. The message is that men often lie to women in order to achieve their ends.

“I’m excited putting the song out eventually. Getting it out was not easy, because the first studio where I did the recording informed me that their machine broke down. I had to take it to another studio, but thank God it is out finally.”
The fresh and catchy single has a mixture of colloquia, Afro, Pop and R and B, and exciting tunes of instruments. J-Glo’s performance in this release keeps the tempo going.

Expressing excitement about this latest project, she said, “If it was not because of my fans this song couldn’t have been possible. I’m dedicating it to them for their words of encouragement which motivated me. They are the reason I’m J-Glo and still doing music.”

“I’m also grateful to my manager, Kemmie Weeks, Tan Tan and all those that helped in making this song a success,”she said.

The song is being played on various local radio stations and can be downloaded via sound cloud.

“Da Lie” features A.C.E and the Bassa rap hit maker, Marvelous MC. The sound was produced by Beat Master from Red Eyez Entertainment.


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