Cyrus DeShield makes Headlines in Universal Publishing


Sometimes a rise in the media can happen a little later in your career, as it did with Cyrus DeShield who was quite a talent in his 20s, wowing crowds and crafting his talent as a poetic singer/songwriter with A&M/Interscope Records in 2001, until he signed with Universal Publishing in 2012.

As his voice grew smokier and soothing, so did his many talents and endeavors that have led him to being one of the world’s most followed songwriters of today. But Liberia’s media has been slow in picking up his many talents until today.

Cyrus is a mature and highly respected professional in the entertainment industry, by the likes of TLC, Musiq Soulchild, BBD, Keisha Cole and many more.

With his recent big score that landed two of his creative works on the Top 200 Billboard countdown, and landed two outstanding American singing sensations back on the map, Cyrus is in to win big time.

According to Pitchfork, “The legendary New Jack Swing trio BBD reunites for a new album ‘Three stripes,’ right as fellow alumni New Edition hit the charts for the first time in over a decade.” And thanks to Cyrus, who wrote four songs on the album, it is now a hit.

He also wrote two songs for Musiq Soul Child, one of the songs being “Musiq’s most recent return back to the industry,” “Start Over.”

Not forgetting that he comes from a very musical family, growing up, he said, “Our parents used to sing to us, the whole house just sang all the time.”

Cyrus’ brother, one of Liberia’s R&B crooners, Chris Deshield, has featured on many songs, wrote his own materials, and even featured on G-Rize’s ‘Lib Ladies’ in 2016. So yes, talent definitely runs in the family.

Here is more on amazing Cyrus:

Label: Painesville music

Hometown: Painesville, Boston Massachusetts

What caught our eye: Cyrus has a voice that can go from raspy to a power belt, stretching and teasing his listeners, but his recent score as the songwriter for four songs on Bel Biv Devoe’s (BBD) recent ‘Three Stripes’ album that took the group on the Billboard charts once again since 2004 and on Musiq Soulchild’s single ‘Start Over.’

Cyrus moments: Toured with Keyshia Cole and featured on her first album ‘The Way It Is’ in 2005. Cyrus is also label mates with  Michelle Branch and Black-Eyed Peas, an award winning label.

The first: “Today May 11th as a songwriter for the first time, I’m officially apart of 2 songs currently on the Billboard Charts. Every friend or family that’s been there for me: thanks and we’re going to be alright.”

The second: Cyrus from time to time can rewrite and remix any song to give it his own creative spin.

The third: “I’m going to be putting my music out soon. The start of next year, you’re going to hear more from me, I just had to get some traction going with my writing.”

Biggest thrill: “Getting to write and co-produce Bell Biv Devo’s Album and touring in ‘06 with Keyshia Cole when I was in a group.

Biggest surprise: “Was Musiq Soulchild allowing me to write with him.”

Inspired by: His mother, Gertrude Deshield and late father, Charles A. Deshield Sr, who was the former police director years ago.

“My mom actually brought me to the Amateur Apollo Theater in NY, which is where I got my start. I won the first contest but lost the second. I thought my world was over, but that only motivated me and was 16 when I lost,” he said.

Aspiration: “In music I aspire to make ground breaking material and will become advocate for the fair treatment of musicians. A lot goes on behind the scenes that I don’t agree with, from racism, to how musicians are paid. For now it’s all about the music; got to show what I can do first.”


Cy (second from right) alongside Bell Biv Devoe


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