Cummings Africa Foundation Trade Fair Lives Up to Expectation


Yes indeed, the Cummings Africa Foundation’s (CAF) innovation and entrepreneurship fair came at a time when local arts and crafts entrepreneurs were finding it difficult to generate much needed revenue after the US Embassy cancelled its annual (December) fair.

The US Embassy year-end fair, staged in front of a highly qualified audience, always put smiles on the faces of local arts and crafts entrepreneurs as they go home with good sales figures.

That was exactly what happened at the CAF fair, which recorded a sale of more than US$1,000 for the contemporary and traditional Liberian artists in attendance.

Items on sale during the fair included up-to-date paintings, fabric/clothing and shoulder bags made from lappa, beaded jewelry made from recycled glass, among others.

Apart from generating good sales for the artists, the fair provided the opportunity for networking and acquiring new business ideas for future success.

Speaking to the vendors, Teresa Cummings, co-founder of the foundation, said knowledge gained from the fair will definitely empower local arts and craft businesspeople.

Mrs. Cummings added: “This fair has greatly helped artists to form strategic alliances and most importantly, potential customers or business partners.

“From this fair we expect you to improve on new business ideas already learned, which has the power to take your business to the top,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Cummings was quick to note that the trade fair is not in anyway tied to her husband’s (Alexander B. Cummings) presidential bid.

“We hosted this fair as the foundation’s way of supporting job creation in Liberia and to give entrepreneurs a platform to showcase and expose their products,” she concluded.

At the end of the fair, vendors expressed gratitude to CAF for coming to their aid in the midst of their struggles.

Cummings Africa Foundation is founded and chaired by Alexander B. Cummings to uplift Africa and Africans in the areas of education, development, health and agriculture.


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