Culture Ambassador Endee Welcomes New Intellectual Property Act


Liberia’s culture Ambassador Judy Endee said the passage of the intellectual property act by the House of Senate is a timely intervention that will benefit Liberia’s creative people.

Amb. Endee says this a very good starts towards the fight against piracy because the bill help minimize piracy to the lowest term.

For years we have been calling for a strong law that reduces piracy greatly and prosecute those found in the act. Now it has happened, and the regulatory arm of government that enforced these laws need to do more, she said.

The law has been passed, and it’s time that the regulatory body carried on awareness to educate artists on how the law works and the process one has to pass through in order for your work to be protected, said Amb. Endee

“This law can be as good as any law but if the regulatory arm fail to properly implement it, the law will be failed one,” she said “When the law is enforced to the letter definitely the creative people will benefit from the sale of their artistic works.”

The enforcement of the previous copyright law was not done to the letter by the regulatory, but there are hopes that this time they work better in the interest of Liberian artists.

Saifa Ballard, Vice President for Administration of Liberia Culture Union, agreed with ambassador Judy Endee in welcoming the idea of the new law and believes that this is the beginning of something new.

He said that “with this law we will now be willing to invest more into this creative sector but the regulatory body should now begin to step their feet down to enforce this act.”

“The lack of enforcement and implementation of previous policies was discouraging for us and we hope that it doesn’t repeat itself,” Mr Ballard said.

The new Industry Property Act

The new law on industrial property was passed unanimously on September 28 and titled Liberia’s Intellectual Property Act of 2014 and repeals the copyright act of 2003.

The new act seeks to make the copyright office and the Industry Property Office more efficient, removing the age-old bureaucracies that require several ministries and agency to work together for the implementation of the policy.

When printed into handbill the law will make both institutions institute an integrated and efficient policy implementation system for the country.

However, the new law did not indicate punishment for pirates and copyright infringers.

In a related statement the committee said the singing of the act would encourage entrepreneur to invest in order to make art a profitable profession.

Meanwhile, the senate has sent the act to the House of Representatives for concurrence, to be concurred upon and signed by the President in order to be printed into handbills.


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