Creative industry Needs Enabling Environment to Survive


Says classical and inspirational singers Nah Wleetu

Nah Wleetu, one of Liberia’s few classical and inspirational singers, has called on all political actors in the country to create an enabling environment for those with creative abilities, including holders of intellectual property rights.

The singer, who discovered his vocal ability at a tender age, noted that the artistic community does not need handouts, but rather the appropriate legal framework that will benefit creative individuals.

He added that although there have been some good laws passed, more needs to be done from political actors and stakeholders when it comes to upholding or implementing the law, which would be beneficial to both government and the holders of intellectual property rights. He said this inaction from the country’s leaders has been the major challenge to the survival of Liberia’s arts and culture sector.

Nah noted that the creative industry is a powerful means of connecting people, as it bridges linguistic and cultural divides, as well as serves as a vehicle for expression and identity like no other.

“Collectively, the creative industry ecosystem generates rich, social, cultural and economic benefits by creating jobs, bringing about economic growth, and much more.

“In addition, the creative industry, when protected by laws that are implemented, can deliver significant economic paybacks for Liberia, especially through employment.

“Moreover, when the well-being of the artistic industry is taken into consideration by political actors by enforcing copyright, setting policies for royalty generation and fighting copyright infringement, it results into attracting highly skilled young workers, which in return attracts business investment,” Nah said.

Nah, a social philosopher who is a graduate of the University of Liberia, also noted that an enabling environment will be created when access to training and education programs to help artists and their management teams or players to understand the business concept of music brings about growth in the sector.

He added that when political actors create the needed environment and enforce the current laws, they significantly improve the chances of developing an effective regulatory and business environment that allows the artistic industry to thrive on its own.

Meanwhile, Nah has sent out a challenge to the next president – whoever that may be, to prioritize the development of the creative industry by encouraging business owners to invest in building state of the art venues by giving them tax incentives for doing so. This, he said, will serve as a motivating factor for people to invest in the industry.


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