CoZ’s Political Awareness Concert Shut-down


Liberty Ent’s Rap-Co sensation CoZ, alongside Shakesquad rap star, Co-Blooded the Great, recently hosted one of several concerts to be held in different locations under the Motherland Initiative aimed at urging people to vote in the 2017 elections.

Unfortunately, the convert was rumored to have been shut-down “jeh leh dat” in mid-performance.

According to hundreds of posts made during the concert at a jam-packed Miami Beach, the Liberian National Police had warned that the music and the crowd “were too loud.”

“And you know how concerts are; the speakers have to blare to be able to reach out to the entire audience. If it has to be turned down, then that’s club level, only able to reach maybe up to 200 people. But CoZ’s show was jam-packed, at least 600-700 people were there and not adding the ones who stood on the opposite side of the wall, where the LNP reached,” stated a bouncer at Miami Beach.

According to another staff working at the beach, Darwed, the last time a CoZ show was shut-down was more than four years ago, adding, ‘It’s strange that it happened all of a sudden.”

According to Felecia, who was selling roasted meat and other items in the parking lot, because Miami Beach pays its taxes and gets permission to host concerts after certain hours, she felt there was no probable cause for the LNP to tell them to turn down the music or quiet the crowd.

Meanwhile, at around 10:30 p.m., Co-Blooded had the crowd in awe of his performance. The artist said he returned to Liberia recently after being away for many years, especially to fulfill consistent pleas from his aging grandmother to do so.

However, he said he did so “with a purpose.”

“I’ve lived my whole life in the United States of America and with the upcoming elections, I decided to please my grandma, who lives in Careysburg, to give back by helping our country to develop in any way possible,” he shared during a live streaming interview on Facebook.

His performance was sophisticated and well-packaged, his lyrics, smooth; and in mid-show, CoZ reappeared on stage, after being called off by one of the managers of Miami Beach, Soree.

Soree, it is alleged, told them that “LNP was outside and they said Robert Sirleaf complained about the noise.”

CoZ asked to know why – when there was no violence, disturbances or rudeness during the show, as hundreds enjoyed their money’s worth – they have to comply.

“I’m like, we’re telling people to behave themselves during elections, to vote and be a part of our country’s rising; and then we are tempted. We practice what we preach so we asked our audience to react calmly to avoid any problems. And they listened,” he added.

Meanwhile, the show started at 5:00 p.m. with acts like: ‘Rap bonus’ hitmaker, Speedo, who just returned from Ghana; Young Z; Waste Dem; ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ hitmaker Co-Blooded; Co. Z, and others, giving the same message in different genres of music.

“This election is important; and it is also important that we vote and play our part in the growth of our country. And to our fans, keep supporting us and keeping Liberia peaceful,” CoZ announced over a live taping on Facebook.

Co-Blooded, who marveled at the incident, said that Liberty Ent. and Shakesquad are all about peace, and not taking things personally.

“We eat fruits and vegetables and don’t believe in beef,” he teased.


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