Cozea Revels Himself


When Lib life asked the hip co rapper, Cozea to tells us things we and his fans did not know about him, his first response was ‘hmmmm ok, but I have to be careful because you press people lol’. Never the less, this shy guy when not on stage took in a deep breath and responded: Well he said, I did architectural drafting in collage and I’m a thrill seeker. I like sky diving, bungee jumping and things like that. I work for Prosyte Construction company, in Congo Town as an administrator, “I handle taxes, finances and company correspondent” he added, believe it or not, this cat does have some head on his shoulder.  Who would ever thing that this hard-core rapper would even pick u a book, lest it be a science fiction? The ever-challenging rapper also told lib life that he loves reading sci-fi novels during his spare time. “I like reading Period” he said. Besides rapping and getting an education, Cozea had other dreams as well, “When I was 9yrs old, I wanted to be a cop and I still would love to travel to space”. The rapper revel that he lost his virginity at age 15yrs and loves to swallow GB. He also added, “my first car was a Buick and I am a part owner of Liberty Ent.

Meanwhile the rapper admits that his biggest achievement has been, being able to record a full solo album as a Liberian artist, which he has been really busy with tours and all that. The album titled state of the union was released on the 25 of Jnanuary 2014. Before the lunching of his album, the rapper released a one paragraph statement telling the entire world of his readiness to take over “5 years ago on this day I was 2 weeks away from being released from a correctional facility after being locked down 23 hours a day, 7 days a week like an animal. After putting my act together now on this day I'm hours away from making history by releasing my debut, the most anticipated Liberian album since Zac & Jeebah days in the 80's and becoming one of the ELITES in African rap music. I'm not afraid to speak about my life. I want people to use my story as motivation whether u feel my music or not. This is destiny. Everything that happened to me was supposed to happen. Thanks to God and everybody that made this possible”, He said.

So far, the album is creating a lot of compitioon and mamurs but he a positve way. Liberians are starting to embrace a different style of rapping, one that is different from like of mighty Blow and other local hip co artist.


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