Contestants Thrill Audience at Face of Paynesville Official Launch


It was difficult for anyone to take their eyes off the contestants whenever they come on stage to thrill the audience with their pageantry skills. Not only did the contestants display incredible moves, they were all beautiful, and their presence on stage was impressive.

Though it rained for a few hours, it did not stop the contestants from doing what they do best. However, few of the contestants were not at their best for the night. Moreover, most of the contestants performed poorly thereby failing to convince the audience why the public should vote for them.

Gracing the stage, Quincy T, who served as M.C, never disappointed the crowd as his jokes almost stole the show from the contestants. Some of his jokes were sexual, others jabbing fun at the audience. But one particular sexual joke was viral as some could not stop laughing.

Speaking at the launch, the current Face of Paynesville Queen, Asatu Toure, said she appreciates the Bilikon Entertainment family and the organizers for initiating such a program that has impacted the lives of young girls
in Paynesville City.

She also admonished the contestants to do “self-practice” to improve their pageantry skills if they intend to get more votes from the public, adding, “serving as your queen, my door is open to anyone who will need my help and advice. I’m for anyone that will win.”

“I’m here as a queen today and my life was completely changed by the
competition; you can do the same,” Asatu added.

Cellcom communication strategist, Dr. Kimmie Week said: “Cellcom will always support this cause that is intended to empower young girls in the country. As a sponsor, Cellcom will do all it can to make sure that this program is successful.”

He added that all the girls have to do is to encourage their fans and families to use Cellcom to vote since voting is only restricted to Cellcom users.

The winner of this year’s Face of Paynesville will walk away with a larger cash prize than was given to last year’s winner, including a one week stay in a luxury hotel, a car, among others thing. The theme for this year’s Face of Paynesville is: “Introducing the Beauty of Fashion in Paynesville.”

The official launch was a full house event attended by comedians John and Paul Flomo, Soul fresh and Dream Debo among others.

Voting is 50 cent per text. To vote for any contestant, just text her number.


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