Conservative by Day, Singer/Songwriter by Night


The music industry does not have anything in ‘particular’ it admires, except talent, which is without a doubt a must have. But some artists come with a mix of characteristics like style, swag and undisputable skills that overshadows some of the things about them that their fans don’t know. Their talent is so overwhelming it leaves them with a trail of followers and fans wherever they go.

More people know Eugene Herring, stage name ‘Geno the God,’ for his role in politics as the special assistant to the President Sirleaf’s Chief of Staff. But we were greatly surprised to find out that he is also one of Liberia’s ‘grounded’ singer/songwriter/rapper with a good musical head on his shoulder.

He has finally decided to join the bandwagon by releasing songs for his fans based on his experiences and interest in the industry, and rightfully basking in the limelight that has suddenly shone his way.

“I’m happy I took the long route and I don’t regret anything” he said.

Although he has been making music since he was young and “left home to study classical music in the US” when he was 10, Geno the God started his career right in the mix of the Ebola epidemic. With all his access to music, he said that he “spent most of my life putting music on the backburner a little bit for different reasons, school, sports, etc.”

What was bad about Ebola for the region became the catalyst for Geno the God to take an active role in his first love.

“I had a little bit of time on my hands to get in the studio. Shout out to Coz and Liberty for allowing me to use the studio and put myself back together to put out my first single, which was ‘Baddie’ with Teddy Ride, which was a big record for me breaking into the Liberian market…that’s how my whole music career started,” he said. After DJ Blue spun the record, Geno said it “exploded from there.”

Geno is first to admit that balancing two acts, his professional and musical careers, is worth the ride.

“When I started, I was like Batman; I am running the errands of the executive mansion by day and recording by night,” he said via WhatsApp.

“It was recently that the president got to know that I was making music, and accepted that for what it was. It has given me the green light and leeway to go ahead and explore that.”

After dropping ‘Baddie’ he collaborated with Cypha D King on a remix of the song “Panda” by the artist Desiigner.

“Because I’m working at the president’s office, a lot of people didn’t want to take me serious as a musician. It kinda hurt and I had to build over that and show people that I was serious about putting records out and making quality records. Now that these records are out these are the same people coming back saying ‘this is amazing’ and I am happy I took the long route in coming out and I don’t regret anything,” he added.

At the start of the year, Geno the God dropped one of Liberia’s dopest songs, “Bah.” The unique and eccentric music video for the song has a global touch that will surprise music lovers this year.

“You know you have to step out and I decided to release this song to put my homies on notice that I’m here. The record was produced by 3FS Productions in Accra, Ghana. A guy named Franky G, who also produces Liberian artist Irene Logan, a big success in Ghana, produced the song. The song is like, ‘here I am; I’m ready to move the ship off your shoulder. I’m ready to emerge,’” he said.

“Bah” can be viewed on YouTube and elsewhere for free downloads. Geno can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as officialGenoLib.

“Bah is a way to reintroduce myself and letting everyone know that I am here, there’s a new sheriff in town Bah/ I’m here to take over Bah/I’ve been patient and I think the wait is over Bah…”


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