Concert Review: KCEE Out-performs Tekno at Lonestar Cell Beach Jam


Although Tekno thrilled fans with some electrifying performances, it was Kcee and DenG who stole the show, and night, leaving fans with incredibly exciting and never to forget acts of showmanship.

From the first note to the last, Kcee had the audience spellbound and hungry for more when he opened the set with “Pull Over” before increasing the momentum with more up-tempo sounds when he introduced “Limpopo”.

Songs like “Fine Face” and “Turn By Turn” were introduced to the audience, who happily sang along, before Kcee literally burned down the stage with explosive renditions of hit singles like “Love Boat” and “Talk and Do.”

Although Tekno was not equally as good as his Nigerian counterpart, he nonetheless impressed the crowd with some memorable performances, which got the audience dancing and singing along to songs they knew, like “Pana”.

One by one, all the Liberian artists that took the stage and performed left the crowd mesmerized; but it was DenG and Christoph that pulled the crowd and got them involved in the show.

Yes indeed, DenG and Christoph were able to battle Kcee and Tekno with some electrifying performances that got the crowd screaming in excitement for over 10 minutes.

Among all the Liberian artists that performed, it was only Christoph that engaged the crowd in a sing-along, and he was later seen running from the stage to the crowd while singing his popular hit, “Hold Your Polaruh”.

Stage wise, Kcee’s and Tekno’s acts were spectacular going back and forth with the crowd and going as far as putting up a brief joke, which ended on a good note.

Though the show came with the traditional bright lights and blasting speakers (good sound and lighting system), there were several irregularities including the show starting seven hours after its advertized time of 12am.

Secondly, the backstage, purposely kept for artists, was not protected as anyone could just walk in and see the artists, which is against international standards when hosting shows, especially with international acts.

Thirdly, too many people were on the performing stage leaving artists with little space to thrill the fans.

The seating of fans at a show like the Lonestar Cell Beach Jam makes the ambiance boring, which happened when Soul Fresh and others kicked off the show. Their failure to lure the crowd out of their seats, like Christoph and DenG, left them looking like duds.

In show business, the performance stage is meant for the stars, DJ and dancers, if any; and if the crowd remains seated while the artists perform, the show becomes boring.

Finally, Lonestar Cell gave no explanation why their Brand Ambassador Quincy B did not perform at the Beach Jam.


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