CIC is Still Recovering


– Update from his management team

By Emotionz

CIC has been taking it easy, getting the medical treatment needed to heal his broken leg and spirit after the tragic accident on March 3, 2017 that resulted in the death of Quincy B.

Meeting with CIC, it is evident that the young man is still in pain, both physically and emotionally.

Since the death of Quincy B, people are beginning to see CIC as the ‘king’ of local music. And despite all the allegations that could make his healing process a bit slower, CIC still remains the last man standing in terms of having information that a lot of Quincy B’s followers still want answers to. Like what really happened before the accident? What was going through his head as the car flipped and landed? Did Quincy say anything before he died?

A few weeks ago, Mr. Smith LIB Money posted a picture of himself and a healthy looking CIC on Facebook, with a caption that the star is up and moving about. Though the post was a way of letting fans know that their star is strong, a lot of fans nonetheless interpreted it to mean that CIC is back in the studio.

CIC’s management team, Alice Yawo, DenG’s former manager, and Jaffar King, CEO of SOG Records, responded to the posted picture in a timely manner.

“CIC is at an undisclosed location undergoing treatment; and although he is not yet walking, he’d like to inform his fans that he’s much better than before,” his management team stated.

Liberia will never forget the day Quincy B lost his life and how it has changed our industry forever. Team CIC said that the phone calls, messages and donations from fans “across the world” have “contributed tremendously to his healing process.”

Trying to get the message of the serious nature of the young man’s health across, his management team said that “every picture being posted by friends and fans of CIC are all old pictures. CIC has not been seen in public since the accident due to a broken leg. To his fans, once CIC fully recovers new music and videos will be out. Until then you can head to our YouTube page for newly uploaded songs.”

Update on CIC

Carlo Boy, CIC, of SOG records has been pinned to one place since the day Quincy B lost his life in a tragic car accident. CIC was one of those trapped in the mangled car that left one of his legs broken and his friend dead and gone.

His management team said that the artist, who is “the only degree holder in koloqua in Liberia,” is still recovering.

According to Team CIC, even Quincy B’s mother, Christiana Burrowes, is praying for his full recovery, adding: “the management of SOG appreciates everyone so much for all the love, support and concern.”


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