Christoph Denies Being Gay


Arguably the best and most featured rapper in the country right now, Christoph is leaving his mark on Liberia’s struggling music industry with dope music and punchlines that listeners identify with.

However, for over a year now there is talk around town that Christoph is gay, a rumor that has the potential to gradually negate his promising career in a country that is deeply conservative, religious, and traditional.

The rumor that the ‘Hold Your Polaruh’ rapper is gay was highlighted in a dis track by rapper CO.Z in which he called Christoph “gay,” and a daughter-in-law of the President.

But in a LIB Life interview, Christoph denies being gay, saying at no time in his life has he “bent down to a man.”

The rapper said anyone calling him gay should either come out of the closet with proof, “or stop talking rubbish.”

“This is Liberia for true. Whenever God blesses you people either accuse you of being in a secret sect; or nowadays, being gay. I am a person who worked hard to earn my success not by the way of crook, but through music.

“Like I often say in many of my songs, I have never been gay, and will never be. I know this is rubbish and don’t care about it. My focus right now is on my music not some stupid rumor,” Christoph, who is set to drop a new single this week titled ‘Handbag,’ said.

Accordingly, the rapper said that he is working on his debut album, which will be out by the middle of the year.



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