Christmas with the Star


Liberian international model Candace Sayonkon is a ‘thriller’! And she has been thrilling her US audience with her beauty, elegance, and unique walk on the runway.

But there is another side to this US-based beauty that sets her apart — her humanitarian heart.

Since she stepped into the limelight, Candace has made known her love for her homeland. This was manifested this festive season when she put smiles on the faces of less fortunate children here in Monrovia.

Through her Candace Humanitarian Foundation, she organized a Christmas party for hundreds of kids in the New Georgia Estate community, where after being served sumptuous meals, they walked away with gifts, including toys and autographed posters and t-shirts of the model.

Although it was a letdown for the kids not being able to have their gifts hand delivered by the model, she still managed to make her presence felt at the event through a televised message to the kids from the US.

In that message, Candace encouraged the kids not to feel discouraged because of their current status, which has the propensity to affect their behavior.

“I grew up in Liberia and I know your condition. We will work with your parents to create a better live for you. I hope to do better next year and pay some of your school fees.

“As part of my social responsibility as a Liberian, I will fight to help create a better place for you. I’m not just talking…I have started to identify more areas to help improve your life and give you a happy childhood,” Candace said.

Candace added that starting next year the foundation will embark on a project to build a recreation center that will also contain a library with children’s books.

Founded in 2014, the Candace Humanitarian Foundation caters to the less fortunate in society by working with their parents to improve their condition. Currently, the foundation has an all volunteer staff of 12.


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