‘Child Soldier’ Documentary Series About Liberia’s Civil War Epected Next Month

A truckful of child soldiers prepare to charge a rebel position at a key bridge downtown.

The recording of a new documentary series about the use of child soldiers during Liberia’s 14 years of civil unrest, starring fast-rising actor E. Owusu Dahnsaw, has been completed.

Child Soldier, the documentary series in question, showcases the plight of children who were caught in the wrong side of the brutal Liberian Civil War.

The film chronicles the struggle of a boy name Emmanuel and his brother, who were forcefully taken away from their mother by Colonel Murphy (Dahnsaw) and enlisted into the  National Patriotic Front of Liberia as child soldiers.

Stonz Walters, the producer of the Child Soldier documentary, a Liberian cinematographer from the USA, said that the documentary series highlights and illuminates the tragic use of children in military occupations, mostly in impoverished countries.

“Each series shows a former child soldier who is now a productive member of his/her society. It is very important for the world to know that each of these former child soldiers was a good person who was just caught in a bad situation,” Walters said.

This movie comes on the heels of Major Dahnsaw’s recent retention as Brand Ambassador for the Africa Cinematography Festival in Nigeria.

Although Child Solider’s final release date has not been announced, Walters said things are being worked out to have it out by next month.

“If all goes as planned, the film will be out by next month. It is something we are working on,” he added.

A graduate from the prestigious New York Film Academy, Walters has written and directed many short films, including his award-winning short film “The Last Decision of President Duo” and oversaw the post-production for “The Forgiven,” which took place on two countries on two continents.

His feature films include “Only With Forgiveness,” and “The Forgiven,” which is set to be released November 6, 2018 at Walmart Stores across the United States.


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