Change My Life: A Film About Greed, Fight for Survival


From greed to betrayal, deceit and the fight for survival, a young girl is forced into prostitution after the only hope she had in life fades away.

The film, ‘Change My Life’, centers on a girl named Florence (Earnestine Freeman), who is forced out of her deceased parents’ house along with her little sister Jessica (Babyee Davies), after their uncle conspires with two other men to lie in order to acquire the property.

So desperate to acquire the property, the uncle seeks the help of a witch doctor to make the girls’ late mother’s sister blind, as she is the only obstacle to his acquisition of the property.

After their only defendant goes blind, their uncle, Pa Kollie, and his co-conspirators come and forcefully throw them out of their parents’ house.

Alone in the village with no one willing to help, and for fear of becoming the next target, Florence and her little sister left for the city not knowing anyone with whom they could stay.

Multiple award winning actor, Frank Artus, who directs the movie and plays the role of Tommy, says the project is one his best. A heart rending story, the film can bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

Once in the city, they are welcomed by the harsh city lifestyle; but luckily after a couple of days, they meet Rose (Katie King), a friend from the village, who takes them in.

At first, Rose embraces them, promising to find a very well paying job for Florence, which could enable her take care of the little girl. But as time passes, she tells her friend that the only job available is becoming a prostitute.

When Florence rejects the idea, Rose threatens to throw her out of the house. Remembering the struggle on the street, most especially what her little sister went through, her hopes for a better life are dashed, leaving her with no others option but to accept her fate.

Moving from one club to another trading sex, all Florence can think about is making money as a prostitute to survive. Nonetheless, life gives her a second chance when she comes across Ricky (Henry D. Johnson), a London guy who falls in love with her.

As she gives the new relationship a try, Ricky quickly discovers that the job his dream girl is doing is not her dream, but that circumstances have led her to do it.

A problem surfaces when his family does not agree to let him marry Florence, a situation that forces her to consider quitting prostitution.

True to his love for this girl, he works with her as she manages to overcome the addiction of being a prostitute, after which they get married.

“We intend to send out a message that no matter the situation you can find yourself in, there can always be a way out,” Artus said of the film. “Also, it tells people that every action you take affects someone negatively or positively, as in the case of the uncle and his friends; so it’s important we stop,” the
film’s director added.

Other major cast members include Rita-Cliffordia G. King, Brandy- Etmonia Martin-Lassana and Mark-Paul Weah.

The film will be out in three weeks time and we will have our readers informed when it is out.


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