Celebrating Jon Bricks’ 10 Years In the Music Industry


Jon Bricks made his debut with his crew New Dynasty mid 2006 with the popular single “Just Be There.” The song went on to become a successful hit that not only dominated the airwaves in Liberia, but catapulted Jon Bricks to international stardom by becoming a sensation among Liberians in the Diaspora.

The song was on the lips of music lovers all over Liberia, and beyond.

Form the day of his unveiling to the industry to present, the rapper has achieved some remarkable career highlights.

LIB Life has compiled the most vital moments here.

1. In 2010, Jon Bricks released his first international video “Keep Moving,” which was praised for meeting MTV’s video quality standard.

2. On April 23, 2014, Jon Bricks became the first Liberian artist to sign a distribution deal with AFRICORI, the leading digital music distributor in Africa, describing the deal as the best means to make his music accessible to fans around the world.

3. Just a year after in 2011, Jon Bricks released the club banger “Da Who,” which became one of his greatest hit songs. The song received positive grades from critics, calling it one of the best Liberian songs produced in a decade, owing to its sound quality. As soon as the song went viral, it did not take too long for the rapper’s fans to begin posting videos of themselves dancing in new styles to the song on YouTube.

4. Again, the Zama artist did not stop there as in 2012; he featured Ghanaian Stay-Jay from Royal De Busta Pain on the track “Wango (give me that).” The artist also released his first solo album that year.

5. Proving to be really serious about taking his career to an international level, Jon Bricks, on May 6, 2014, released the remix to his massive hit “Action (off & on)” featuring China superstar Zheng Zheng. The song became an instant hit, making history as the first Afro song featuring an Asian artist. That same year Jon Bricks also featured the same artist on the song “Still HipCo.”

6 In May 2015, Jon Bricks returned to Liberia to a warm welcome by a large number of his fans, holding a few successful sold out shows then.


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