Buu-Yao Citizens Petition Former Assistant Culture Minister


Citizens of Buu-Yao in Nimba County have petitioned Louise W. McMillian, former assistant culture minister, to contest the legislative position for district #5 in the 2017 polls.

In their petition statement, Buu-Yao citizens said Min. McMillian’s hard work and willingness to come to the aid of people from the district clearly make her the right person for the job.

The petition statement added that through her effort and influence, several citizens of the district have been able to get higher education in different disciplines, adding:

“We are indeed overwhelmed by your contributions to our district, and are therefore urging you to accept our petition to run as Representative. In addition, we all are appealing to you to continue the good work which cuts across irrespective of religious, tribal and political divide, but all in the interest of developing the district.

“Moreover, we believe that when you are elected, you will work a lot to bring about development and opportunity for citizens within this district. You know our problems than any other person. You have been with us for a longtime, and understand our problems. You know the challenges we are faced with every day and we believe you are capable of solving them. We petition you to contest for this election.”

In response to their petition, Min. McMillian reminded citizens of the district that if they want to see their district having good schools, roads, bridges, and market places, it would require the collective effort of everyone in the district.

“Buu-Yao needs every one of us to lend our energy, our talents and our ambition to making our district better and stronger. This is called team work, and this is what I am bringing to Buu-Yao when I win.

“And so, it is with the will power and boundless confidence in the great people of Buu-Yao that I accept your petition to be your voice and partner in progress and development for our community.

“Although developing and building the human capacity of our district is a long journey, it is achievable when we all stick together. Let me say this, when I win, my focus is to promote legislation that will better your lives and the lives of your children,” she said, adding: “Too many wrong laws have been passed, which are killing the country; during my time in office, I will make sure to repeal some of these laws.”


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