Bucky Raw Becomes Most Sought out Artist and Entrepreneur


A lot of Liberians back home don’t have the access to really find out more about rap and trap-co star Bucky Raw since his career has taken on a soaring high in terms of sales. What is clear is the fact that he is probably one of the dopest and creative artists of Liberia; and the community wants him to perform live, now!

If you don’t know, Bucky is the fellow that spews out fire in hip-hop and hip-co, combining both sounds into a lyrical package now known as trap-co – a new dialect all in one. Bucky is also popular for hit tracks, ‘Country Soda,’ ‘Luv,’ and a few other hits.

Not taking anything away from Scientific, but Bucky Raw has become a demand all over Liberia and the Liberian Diaspora, so much so that fans are requesting to see more of Bucky, even if it means his coming to Liberia just one time.

There was a recent article written in a local entertainment magazine stating that Bucky is worth $15,000, but from our sources living close to the young entrepreneur, he’s worth more than that.

“You see, what they wrote in that magazine is all wrong and not facts,” stated a rep from Bucky’s circle.

According to his team, he’s worth atleast $60,000, a reasonable price that top celebrity artists from neighboring countries like Nigeria would normally charge to do a show in any part of Africa.

“I’ve seen the article and to tell you the truth I never talked to anyone about $15,000, but I’m not coming to Liberia unless the money is worth it,” he stated to our sources.

The question is: Is Bucky worth that amount? Speaking with a source that says Bucky has already been offered various amounts for booking, Bucky is definitely in the right position to get that, plus more.

“His team had discussions with some people and they offered Bucky $40,000 but nothing is official yet,” they added.

LIB Life has learned that Bucky may be appearing in Liberia for a concert pretty soon, depending on the show organizers being professional enough to put together the right package that will interest the star in coming back home.

So far so good, investors in Liberia are working on getting their bread together to see what can be done to bring Bucky back to Liberia.

Keep in mind, his team is large and unfailing in working with the ever rising star day in and day out; therefore, Bucky’s career is their career as well; where he goes, they go.

Meanwhile, Bucky Raw is a product of Child soldiers Ent, a label Bucky Raw’s brother Alvin Cole has been investing in. For those that are wondering if Bucky has a management team, his manager is Liberian King George and can be reached on FaceBook for booking.

Liberian King George is also in collaboration with Bucky Raw and the brains behind the street smart clothing wear that so many Liberian’s are wearing, Trap Co Wear; no similarity to A$AP Ferg’s Traplord Wear.

Also, Bucky Raw’s team assured us that Bucky is an independent artist whom ‘funds his own music and pays for his own work’ and is not affiliated to NFL star Tamba Hali.

According to Bucky, who has a lot of respect for his fans and those who give him another reason to wake up everyday, he is blessed.

“The day I step foot in Liberia, it will be big and I also need the money I’m worth. What artist you know have an impact on the youth to where they are changing their names and wanting to be like me?” he asked.

“I’m loved by the country people and most especially the youth. I will give my clothes off of my back for them; I love the youth and the energy they give me to make music.”



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