“Blue Links Show” co- host Spider talks Comedy, Stardom


Aaron Stacey Clinton, alias Spider, started doing stand-up comedy at a young age after realizing that making people laugh was something that brought on an emotional calmness in him.

“I’m the person who likes to see people happy. Because when you laugh, it eases your mental tension and stress no matter how you old or young you are; everyone gets stressed out."

Spider sharpened his comedic skills after joining the “Blue Links Show” at HOTT FM 107.9 four and a half years ago, a move that definitely put him on top as one of Liberia’s funniest entertainers.

“I run a talk show, DJ Blue and I, that is called The Blue Links show, an interactive show that’s all mixed up. I’m good, doing real good and feel good because my career is getting off the ground or I should say its gotten off the ground. I’m now working hard, looking forward to good things coming.”

The 39 year-old basketball veteran has evolved from making power moves on the court, to being able to mimic over 6 different prominent voices of our time.

“That’s a talent that just came up; I don’t know where it came from but its something that I love doing: mimicking.”

Recently, while in studio during break, the all-star all in one comedian chilled to chat about life. His life. Check out our conversation.

LIB LIFE: There’s something special about your broadcasting and how you connect with your listeners. Are you naturally a funny guy?

SPIDER: Yes, but I don’t want to categorize myself as being a comedian. It's left with people on the radio who hear me to judge the person I am. I’m a whole different guy from the radio. You can say I make people laugh, but don’t consider myself a comedian.

LIB LIFE: You're good on radio, I mean, have you ever done any stand up comedy?

SPIDER:  Well, for me I’ve done stand up comedy for awhile, but I personally decided to stop. It's been about 3 and a half years now.  Because when a comedian steps up he has to feel something, he has to feel an urge that comes from the audience and, to be honest with you, there’s a lot as Liberians that we have to learn when it comes to comedy. Doing stand up requires a special kind of audience, not everywhere, with everybody anytime. I have my fans that I can relate to but now to be this general stand up guy, no no.

LIB Life: Did you do comedy outside of Liberia?

SPIDER: No, it started right here in Liberia, its something that started when I was a kid; I was the guy who always tried to make my friends and colleagues laugh. Even when I was playing basketball, I always tried to make my coach and teammates laugh. I just like to see people happy.

Basketball- I play small forward, power forward center and, it depends on the size of team I’m playing against.

LIB Life: Are you still playing? 

Spider: I retired in 2006, played a lot. I have played with invincible 11, Mighty Roll, Yhuru Kings (a Swahili word), but I called it quits and picked up the cpmedy.

LIB Life: Blue links, 4 and a half years, how did it start?

Spider: It started, when I started, I brought a different vibe to it. Because I was actually approached by Cypha D'King who had heard about me, so he invited me to showcase what I had. I felt that by coming on the radio you have to be innovative and creative, so I decided to do something out of the ordinary, I tried to blend comedy and reality. To be exact, I’ve been specific of trying to educate the Liberian people of a lot of historical stuff because I’m a history buff, and I've been trying to let my people know what has been transpiring over the years in thought, in schools and stuff that I think they should know. But in a comical way.

LIB Life: There’s three or four or five characters that you pretray on the show, they’re so many.

Spider: (laughs) Yeah I mimic a lot. To tell you the truth, its all about practice, rehersal and practice for me. I have this secret place that I do it, and that place happens to be in my bathroom most of the time. I just rehearse freestyle and once I feel it from my bathroom, I know that its good. I’ve been doing it since I was in grade school. I do a lot of characters but I don’t want to reveal that now.

LIB Life: How do you get your facts and history because based on your accent, I know you weren’t around during most of what you teach. And are your facts actually factual?

Spider: They are, if you listen to the callers who call on the BlueLinks show, they’re people who are decades older then me, and they know what happened and they are still alive today to attest to the facts. This is radio, if you go on the radio and talk about what happened in Liberia and if you lie to the people, somebody's gonna call and say you are definitely a liar. What I say and what comes out of my mouth, it doesn’t go back in. Either it's accepted or rejected, and I try my best to make sure it doesn’t get rejected by being as factual as possible. If I'm asked a question that I have no idea on or only 50 percent on, I say what I know; if I don’t know the answer I say I don’t know it. How do I know all of it, some of it I lived it and went through it. I read about some of it, I was told and also researched it.

LIB Life: Who are you?

Spider: Aaron Stacey Clinton. I’m 50 perecent Liberian and 50 percent Jamaican, I’m 6’5 I lived here for a while, lived in Sweden for a while, visited the United States a lil' bit. It's all  about moving around, especially in Liberia; I’ve lived in Bucanan and Monrovia. I grew up in Bucanan in grade school, in Yekepa,Nimba; I mean, I lived around, I kind of know this country and know the people here.

I’ll be turning 40 years old on June 23. I have a 20 year old daughter. I’m used t having fans especially playing basketball. When you have a talent and gift, perople appreciate you and you have to mingle; [but] you have to do it sincerely and honestly, you don’t give someone a fake smile just to wave them off, you meet people and you actually great them because you appreciate the fact that they appreciate you. I learned that from basketball and throughout, and now that I’ve come to entertainment, its not far away from basketball. B-ball is entertainment. I just rolled from A to B, that’s all.

LIB Life: Where do you see yourself with Hott fm-in the next 1 year?

Spider: I’m a team kind of guy. I want to see BlueLinks/One Media House, I want to see HOTT FM go to another level. I want to see us explode, like a big boom but in a positive way. I want to see us making history in Liberia, and we have the competent and capable people  who can do it. No doubt, I’m a team player. Without me, HOTT FM will miss an integrial part, and without HOTT FM, I’m a nobody. 'Cause I won't have the platform and to be honest with you. I’m not willing to leave to work anywhere else when it comes to the media buisness. HOTT FM BlueLinks is family, the family that I have in my life. The ones close is right here at HOTT FM. I feel good being out here, I love it. I got a life out of entertainment.


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