Scientific and some of the visual impaired students along with the Jackson M. Suah standing in white

Liberian hip hop artist Scientific alongside his friends Moses Touré and Charles Bruce has donated several assorted food items to the School for the Blind in Mango Town, Virginia.

The donation (bags of rice, oil and other food items) came less than a week after the rapper was named the school’s brand ambassador.

Scientific, who has been in the country for the last two months, said apart from being the school’s brand ambassador, he sees helping the children as his social and moral responsibility, as well as sharing from the blessings of God he and his friends have benefited from over the years.

The rapper said when he visited the school with his friends for the first time, they immediately shed tears because of the conditions of, and the difficulties faced by, the visually impaired children.

“This is just the beginning of more things to come. Right now, I’m working on a plan to help improve their learning facility in order to alleviate some of the suffering they are going through.

“I cannot tell the exact time this will happen, but before this year comes to an end, I’m sure. I know how it feels to be an orphan, especially in Liberia,” Scientific said.

The rapper further disclosed that a lot of the blind children are very talented, to the extent that some of them can even rap better than him.

“The only thing that they need right now is training to shape their skills, which I’m about to start soon. I’m planning to work directly with those that can rap in order to better their skills. Very soon, you will see the first visually impaired Liberian rapper.

“I have said to myself, my work is not only limited to donating food or other material items but also creating opportunities that will shape their skills,” he said.

For his part, the principal of the school, Mr. Jackson M. Suah, thanked the rapper and his friends for the kind gesture, “Which came at the right time.”

However, Mr. Suah challenged Scientific and his friends to do more than they have done, relaying that the school is in a desperate need of a better learning facility and other services that will alleviate the children’s plight.

The school was established on February 26, 1977 through collaboration between the ministries of Health and Social Welfare and Education. But to present, it lacks basic equipment, even teaching aides.


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