Big Star: Jodi Tour’s the World with “Show’s to Remember”


Jodi Clarke, the man behind many influential tracks like “SOS Africa”, “LIB Swagger” “Iron lady” and “I rep LIB”, has been traveling around the world promoting his catchy music. The ticking clock points out that his team is now on the ”Vision” tour in the French capital Paris where he’s said to have a very large fan base.

Having toured many parts of the world with his label DopeMusic Empire, on the ‘Visions’ tour in the past few months, the Vice President and A&R of DopeMusic Empire, SB Taylor, says they have covered a lot of places so far. And the shows have been extremely dope!

“So far we’ve been to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Tokyo, Paris, Atlanta, Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, Philadelphia and looking forward to Africa soon. The reaction has been great,” he exclaimed. “The tour is titled ‘Visions’, which is also the name of Jodi’s previous album. Support has been enormous and Jodi always makes sure to give his fans a show to remember for years,” SB shared.

Known as the Liberian Boy, the Liberian native won the hearts of his compatriots many years ago with his deliverable track “Iron Lady”, a song that inspired all women of Liberia to stand stronger. After introducing the track “LIB swagger” and its strut  lyrics for the cool cats, his career as a musician became a high-flying one when Lonestar Cell MTN endorsed his track “I rep LIB” as one of their ring tones.

Though in the process of wrapping up the show to move on to his second tilted album ‘ROI’, Jodi is not grabbing the attention of the thousands he’s performing in front of alone. He’s said to have a strong ball player on his team performing hits as well, a Liberian rapper known as Baby Eye.

Baby Eye has two banging singles called ‘How I do it’ and ‘I go hard”, and this young artist has put in a lot of hard work and has become one of Liberia’s chief Hip-Hop artist.

“Baby Eye has worked with top upcoming artist like Young Swift who is signed to Konvict label/Def Jam and he also gets airplay on some US radio stations. He also won 102 Jams radio station local artist of the year and is ready to release his new mix tape entitled 20/20. Baby Eye also appeared on Jodi’s recent album ‘Visions’ on tracks like “Hangover” and “Money money”,” SB related.

Meanwhile, Jodi’s team believes that he’s the chosen one, “the artist who can compete with any top African artist” they say.

Apart from working on his next album ‘ROI’, he’s also gearing up to release his brand new single ‘Beaucoup d’ Argeant,’ which is scheduled to drop next year. Produced by Ivorian producer Danny and Nigerian mega producer Demsa, you can rest assured that this track will have you asking Jodi’s music for its hand in marriage.


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