Big Exposure for African and Liberian Artists


Former manager for Nicki Minaj, Debra Antney, has opened a new mix platform for her online radio Be100!, aimed at providing African music, especially Liberian, to a wider audience.

Ms. Debra’s love for African music grew when she attended the Liberia Music Award party, hosted by Jeni Entertainment and I Speak Music, Franklin Norman, the founder of Jeni Entertainment, said.

“Ms. Deb enjoyed the artists’ performances and asked that I work with her to build an African platform to promote the artist’s music on a global scale,” he added.

“Having this opportunity as a Liberian, I chose to begin work in my native land first, and then other countries can follow,” he explained.

“Debra’s idea is to build a platform that will inspire underground artists who have earned exposure in their country, though not new to the outside world, and to help them gain international audience,” a close buddy to her said.

He described Be100! as a radio platform that inspires, strengthens and promotes independent artistic music by utilizing DJs.

Be100! is an interactive Internet radio station for artists to get air play to a global audience. It features an interactive online community as well and the mix platform will be officially launched on August 29.
Ms. Debra has also managed, including Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, French Montana and stars on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta along with a number of high profile celebrated artists. She is also the mother and manager of Hip-hop artist Waka Flocka Flame.

Mr. Norman said Liberian artists can participate by just sending their mix, which would give them access to be heard around the world.

“Though Liberian artists need more exposure, they need to make this platform a first choice in their careers,” Norman said. “In order to compete with other African music it is prudent that artists make certain things a priority.”

He stated Liberian style of music is great, but that what the artists need is improvement in sound quality and to support one another.

He said further that a tough screening measure has been put in place to detect any form of cheating.

Though Norman did not specify the kinds of measures that are already in place, he said it would be difficult to bypass.

“This platform would give access to Liberian DJs and artists for their music to be heard around the world,” he noted.

The website to watch live is and listen live. Also, you can download RadioLoyalty app and search Be100!.

If a DJ or an artist would like to participate, they can contact Be100! or send an email to [email protected]


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