Boss Lady Entertainment’s Barkue Tubman-Zarwolo gradually disappeared from public view after Akon’s visit to Liberia last year to promote his ‘Light to Learn’ initiative in Liberia.

LIB Life did not know that there was a very good reason why the superstar entrepreneur and entertainment icon ‘disappeared’; she was expecting.

Accordingly, and with great pleasure, the Zarwolo family is pleased to welcome three bouncing baby boys, Piper, Skylar and KJ, the diva shared on social media.

According to her, the triplets arrived on March 2, 2017 bringing “joy and love to their parents.”

Barkue described her “awesome threesome” as now being the Bosses of her life, graciously relinquishing her Boss Lady title for the pleasure of serving the trio.

“They are officially the boss of me. I marvel daily that God would bless me with these beautiful amazing babies.”

Welcome to the world, children!


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