Balawa Foundation to Launch Arts Studio


The Executive Director of the Balawa International Foundation, Kekura Kamara has disclosed that his organization will on Unification Day unveil a modern arts studio in order to preserve Liberian heritage.

Mr. Kamara said that the studio will undertake a series of projects, so as to enable the public to know that they have a unique culture and that it is their responsibility to uphold it.

“We believe that culture is our identity and every work that will come out of the studio will be up to international standards.”

 “The studio production will reflect Liberian traditions which, along with the creativity of our team, will show the importance of culture to our people,” he assured.

He added that they have chosen Unification Day to open the studio because it will remind the audience that we are a united people with a single culture and identity. The foundation is making all efforts to come out with a documentary on Liberian history, and will partner with one of Liberia’s famous historians immediately after the opening of the studio.

According to him, documenting some historical facts through visual audio will give the public the opportunity to properly understand facts about their country, and that the studio remains committed in doing just that.

He disclosed that some of the major challenges the studio will face early in its scope of operation is getting sponsors and donors to support the studio program, as well as to help strengthen the implementation of the Liberian copyright law. But he said that his organization is fully prepared to cope with these challenges, and a huge amount of investment has already been made available for the purchase of equipment that will meet international standards.

“There will be a week’s long workshop to train our staff and artists about quality production and the use of high- powered digital technology equipment,” Kamara said. “We are not going to produce anything that is not up to accepted standards because there are significant gains we have made in investing into this studio.”

He added that the program marking the official launch of the studio will take place on Old Road, May 14 and that the public is welcome.

“I’m asking the public to exercise patience as Balawa will soon be back on their television screens and radio, and with even more interesting culture programs,” he said.


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