B4 Youth Theatre to Stage ‘Murder in the Cassava Patch’


The B4 Youth Theatre has announced that it will stage a play entitled ‘Murder in the Cassava Patch,’ from a classic novel written by the late cultural icon Bai T. Moore.

The book opens with a toxic relationship between Gortokai, the main character, who is madly in love with Tene. But the young lady is not in love with him, and is rather attracted to other men.

The play will be staged this Saturday at the famous RLJ Kendeja Hotel with tickets ranging from US$10 to US$5 (students with ID Cards) to the VIP table-US$200-which includes prime seating, table decor, a bottle of wine, and snacks. Tickets are available at RLJ Kendeja, Afropolitan and Evelyn’s Restaurant.

The stage play will open with a B4 Youth Theatre cast that will display the true character of Gortokai.

According to a review by Carlos Battaglini of ‘the Sun Can Be Yellow’ blog-(www.thesuncanbeyellow.com), in despair, Gortokai resorted to seeking the help of a witch doctor to do some ‘workings’ on Tene to make her  fall for him.

Gortokai is not only tasked by the witch doctor with bringing him complicated objects and getting hold of delicate body parts from Tene (such as hairs), he also gradually realizes that the girl is still very difficult to bring under his control.

Along the way, the young man stumbles against a few enemies, such as Tene’s sister Kema, a haggish whore who not only wants to sleep with Gortokai, but is also trying to convince her sister to set her eyes on richer men.

Kema’s influence turns out to be the worst of them all when it comes to Gortokai’s interests, as he slowly discovers that his platonic love is actually an ‘evil woman.’ But it’s not only Kema; Gortokai soon finds out that his supposedly best friend, Bubu, doesn’t actually like him that much.

To make matters worse, Tene gets pregnant for another man. What’s more, Gortokai accidentally hears Tene frivolously uttering words that denote a lack of respect for him. To top it all, Gortokai then discovers that Tene regularly receives clothes and jewelry from a rich man.

Promoters are billing Murder in the Cassava Patch as a riveting production not to be missed.


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