Award Winning Artists You Need to Know, July-August 2016


If you think about the kaleidoscope effect that happens when an artist is climbing the charts, breaking the Internet, while dominating radio airwaves, it’s a massive collaboration in creating attention that deserves just that.

Swedish-Liberian 2016 Akademia Award winner, David Lester, known on stage as DJMWB (Lester D) is a Rap/Soul artist, producer, film producer and recording engineer. It doesn’t stop there: DJMWB is also the founder and manager of Weaver Records International. With a label based in California USA, they also have a branch in Stockholm, Sweden. Weaver Records signs and produces artists, and promotes live events. Through, DJMWB announced that they would be establishing a subdivision in Liberia as well.

On July 29, 2016 in Los Angeles California, DJMWB will be launching his 2nd album, ‘Busy.’ I don’t know if you know or not, but Lester D is no stranger to going big. Then known as Lester D, in 1994/1995, he made a song called “Children are Crying” and was awarded for the song by a popular newspaper (Inquirer News). And to top that off, in 2002, his single “Just Because of Your Love,” topped charts in Senegal and The Gambia. This year, DJMWB is the winner of the Akademia awards for best Rap/Soul Artist for his hit single “Self Made” in Los Angeles, California.

“David’s unique approach features elements from local Liberian music, as well as influences from other genres such hip-hop, R&B, dance and reggae – a blend of sound that could be defined as “Rap/Soul,” tying all of the aforementioned genres with a strong eye on his Liberian cultural roots and folk music. His style is best described as an indigenous Liberian voice, which fuses with four genres while preserving the original spirit of the culture he grew up in. David describes music as his thoughts, his vision, and his true experience,” his PR reports.

With his anticipated album release already around the corner this Saturday, and a planned concert tour slated for Liberia, USA and Sweden, the 5’11’’ hit maker has fans anxiously waiting to see him performing hits like ‘Self Made’ and ‘Busy’ from his album.

Now the stage is set for DJMWB to go even bigger.

Meanwhile, there are reports that DJMWB plans to make a radio putsch for the album, a move that would no doubt push ‘Busy’ to the top of anyone’s charts, especially since mainstream listeners most likely have heard it already, because the album is being sold online.


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